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MaeLana Rice Field

Northern Thailand

Program showcases the best community based and sustainable tours offered throughout Thailand. We collaborate with our country partners who share the same ethical tourism based principles, reaching out to communities to create meaningful experiences for guests.

Hidden Thailand Explore the beautiful nature of Southern Thailand while visiting undeveloped islands and pristine jungles, jet off to Chiang Mai to experience the Northern culture in the mixed forest and way of life by visiting local villages and ancient wonders with an exotic tribal homestay and nature trek, navigate through central Thailand on a bicycle and ferry to learn about the ancient cities and ruins of the country and see Bangkok through the eyes of the locals.

Lake exploration near our homestay in Thailand in Yala Thailand

Lake view

Hidden Thailand program allow guests to see each region of Thailand- North, Central, East and South, each with its own unique environmental landscape and local community culture.

Hidden Thailand programs benefit both the guest and the host – providing genuine benefit to local people and fascinating insights into a unique way of life.  From Reefs to rain forests and from beach escapes to cultural exchanges find out why traveling responsibly is the secret to an unforgettable Thailand experiences.

Bangkok,Central and Eastern of Thailand

Program Itinerary: One  Day Tour

Thonburi Adventures

Bangkok Old Quarter Walk Tour

The Fisherman House & Sea Salt Village

Tuk Tuk Tour Bangkok Colorful Night

Bangkok Street Food by Night

Lotus Farm Excursion One day tour Klong Mahasawat

Cycling Koh Kret One Day tour Bangkok Island

Ayutthaya and River Barge Cruise One Day Tour


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Thailand Tour Around

Program Itinerary:

Khao Sok Eco Tour

Cultural Immersion & Eco Tour- r10b

Andaman Community Tour- r6b

Jungle to Island – r5d

Phang Nga, Khaosok, Chiang Mai, Mae Hongson:

Hidden Treasures of Thailand- r12a package 12 day 11 night South and North of Thailand

Cheaw Lan Lake

Thailand Exploration – r12b package 12 day 11 night South and North of Thailand

Mist of Mountain – r12c package 12 day 11 night South and North of Thailand

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Northern of Thailand

Chiang Mai:

MaeMae Waterfall

Trekking and Biking Chiang Mai – Tree House Village 2 day 1 night or 3 day 2 night

Mae Hongson:

Chiang Mai Mae Hongson 7 day Hard Trek

CBT Hard Trek Huay Puling 5 day 4 night

CBT Hard Trek Pang Mapha 5 day 4 night

Hill tribe Trek Pang Mapha 3 day 2 night


Program Itinerary:
Northern Adventure – package 7 day 6 night 

n3a – Northern Hilltribe Adventure_A Village 3 day 2 night

Hilltribe Trek

Northern Adventure

n3b – Northern Hilltribe Adventure_B Ban Jabo and Shan Village 3 days 2 night

n3c – Northern Hilltribe Adventure_C Ban Huai Tong Kor Village 3 day 2 night

n3e – Northern Hilltribe Adventure Ban Huai Kaew Bon Village 3 day 2 night

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Deep South of Thailand 

Yala and Narathiwat: 

Undiscovered Deep South of Thailand

Ban Chulabhorn 12 Narathiwat and Ban Chulabhorn 9 Yala


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