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Leeled Village

 Village by the River

Village Life

Leeled village is situated in Tambon Leeled, Punpin District, Suratthani Province. During King Rama V visited Ban Don (Surat Thani) there was a canal to be a short-cut route “Klong Lad” and due to the accent problem it had been pronounced as “Klong Led”. Then this area has been calling “Leeled”. Leeled situated along the canal and mangrove forest.


Leeled village in the past, the canals in Leeled area had not been the means for local livelihoods due to the abundance of the crocodiles. Leeled Villagers living along the canals dared not bathe in the canals unless a bath pen was constructed to deter the crocodiles.  Later on, this situation was reversed when the crocodiles were highly demanded by the Indian merchants who came to do the crocodile trading right in the village.  The villagers began catching them for sale until the crocodile population was completely exhausted from the canals in Leeled.  When the canals were safe, the villagers began to practice traditional fishing.  Paddy field had been turned into coconut palm orchards.  Now-a-days, fishing and coconut palm plantation have become the main livelihoods of Leeled residents.

Nature and ecology

Nypa Palm

Cork tree is a softwood tree. It grows in muddy soil in the area where there is flooding.  Cork trees are generally found along the banks of the rivers and canals and in mangrove forests.  It propagates through seeding.  The seeds of mature cork fruits will fall and drift in the rivers or canals.The seeds will germinate when they reach the land.  Cork trees are in bloom during October to November.

There are abundant nypa palms in Leeled village particularly, along both sides of the river and canal banks and in the mangrove forests. Nypa palm grows well both in brackish water and in salt water zones.

A firefly is a small insect normally found in the areas where there are clean water sources.  Fireflies are active and feed during night time as they are nocturnal type of insect.  They are particular active and abundant during the waning moon period.  Naturally, male fireflies will actively fly around tree bushes, while female ones perch quietly on the leaves.   The blinking of fireflies which is around the clock is to attract and to search for mates.  The color of its fire is yellowish green.  After mating, firefly will lay only one egg on the ground or in moist area.

Leeled Activity

  • A boat trip to appreciate the nature and eco-system of mangrove forests and the rural way of life along the canal networks.
  • First hand experience in doing local livelihood activities together with the villagers; e.g., fishing, propelling the plank on the mudflats to catch mollusks and crabs.
  • A tour to different local cultural shows; e.g., the southern Thai folk opera, Manorah
  • A tour to interesting Occupational Groups in the community e.g. Nypa Leaf OG, Shrimp Paste OG.
  • A tour to observe the fireflies and its life cycle.
  • A homestay in the villager’s home.
  • An environment education tour for school students.
  • A natural resource conservation activity e.g. reforestation/tree planting activity in mangrove forests.

Credit: Community Based Tourism Institute

Leeled Village by the River program – 2 days 1 night c2g Lee Led Homestay


River Sightseing

Day 1 – Cultural Exchange

  • Meet your translator at Surat Thani airport or train station then transfer to the Village to meet your friendly hosts
  • Visit the occupation group for nypa palm product processing; learn how they make a roof with it. Enjoy southern cuisine for lunch then prepare ingredients for making Kha-nom Jak (jak is nipa palm in Thai). Learn to cook Thai dishes with host family and having dinner made by your
  • At night, ride a boat to see fireflies and back to make a local Thai Dessert “Kha-nom Jak”–  tasty grilled coconut wrapped in a palm leaf.
  • Overnight at homestay (mosquito net and fan are provided)

Day 2 – Natural Wonders

  • Enjoy your breakfast at home stay and ready to explore mangrove forest to learn about the ecosystem and way of life along channels

    Thai Dessert ” Kanom Jak”

  • Lunch at the mangrove learning center then relax and free time on your leisure e.g. kayaking, walking along the mangrove nature trail
  • Back home to help host family cook your dinner and enjoy your home made dinner
  • Overnight at home stay (mosquito net and fan are provided)

Day 3 – Village Life

  • Breakfast at home stay and then visit the groups who make shrimp paste, Nypa Syrup and coconut oil
  • Lunch at Tourism Center before giving feedback and farewell with your host family
  • Pack and say goodbye to your friendly hosts. Transfer to Surat Thani airport or train station, end of program.

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