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North Andaman Network Foundation

Making A Difference with Community Based Tourism

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In 2014, Andaman Discoveries helped to launch the North Andaman Network Foundation (NAN), which focuses on our Community Based Development projects in communities along the North Andaman Coast.  In cooperation with the North Andaman Community Tourism Network, Andaman Discoveries and NAN seek to support these communities in creating and implementing sustainable projects that help to develop their ability to adapt to changing environments.


Andaman Discoveries has accomplished many great things with the help of guests, volunteers, and friends like you.  Through the work of NAN and AD we are able to provide:

  • Scholarship Program: We sponsored Thai students from the local area with full scholarships to attend local high school or middle school.  Easing the financial burden on low income families and ensuring these students will have access to an education and the funds to cover textbooks and materials
  • Moken Fund: helped the Surin Moken Tourism Group to build a new roof for the viewpoint sala, purchase shirts for local guides, create informational signs and packets for guests, provide scholarships for Moken students, and supported a medical fund to cover the cost of care for seniors.
  • Burmese Learning Center: raised funds to support teachers salaries and transportation for all students, coordinated with community service project groups to renovate and upgrade facilities at the center.
  • Volunteering Programs: volunteers dedicated weeks of time to teach English at the Burmese Learning Center and rural schools, helping to increase knowledge and contribute to the ongoing operations of the BLC.
  • Environmental Conservation & Sustainable Development: coordinated with local communities, government officals and organizations to provide educational and conservation activities to foster a stewardship of this naturally abundant part of Thailand.
  • Community Based Tourism: With the help of the North Andaman Community Tourism Network (N-ACT), we responded to the needs of several new communities interested in using tourism as a tool for development.

As we reflect on our accomplishments and partnerships, we are extremely grateful for your continued support and interest in our pioneering work.

 How we spend our budget

AD commits to donating 50% of our annual profit towards the continued success of NAN’s work towards the causes on the Andaman Coast.  By participating in our tours you are able to immerses in the local culture and give back beyond your stay.

Andaman Discoveries is as a social enterprise, a business that is intent on bringing a direct benefit to society and our local environment.  Our Community Based Tours generate a profit which helps to runs our operations, allowing us to continue our work for local communities.