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Meet the People, Know the Place

Tours in Thailand - Handicraft demonstrations

Handicraft demonstration

Village tours offer guests a chance to engage with local communities on an intimate level.  Stay over night in a homestay, learn to cook Thai food, participate in activities that demonstrate traditional livelihoods, handicrafts and highlight the surrounding nature.

The North Andaman coast is a special part of Southern Thailand.   Here you will find Muslim, Buddhist and Moken villages living side by side in harmony. These warm-hearted people welcome you to create life-long memories and friends by joining them to explore the area, from reef to rainforest.

Tours in Thailand - cultural exchange

New Friends

Our translator will accompany you throughout your time in the village, to make sure you fully interact with the people you meet. Andaman Discoveries also provides extensive pre-trip information to help you understand the local customs and culture.

Each village tours has a variety of activities that offer something for people of all ages and abilities. Activities fall into three main categories:  culturalecotours, day tour and handicrafts. Despite having an itinerary, the beauty of Andaman Discoveries trips is that many activities just happen naturally as you become part of village life.