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CBT Hard Trek – Huay Puling

Huay Puling Village

CBT hard trek Huay Puling village – the real nature trek! Here is one of the most challenging nature trek in Mae Hong Son where you will enjoy most in the unspoiled nature area. This 5 days 4 nights trek is also taking part of community based tourism where our local guides, foods and homestays are provided from 4 Karen villages.This type of trekking is very special we are organizing for those people who have these experiences only, because we do a lot of hiking approximately 5-7 hours per- day, on the steep terrain / mountains.

Day 1 Hike to Huay Hee Village (Day trek 1) (L,D)

Trek distance: 5 kilometers

Duration: 4-5 hours trek

Trek with Local

Early Morning start pick up from your hotel transfer to the trail head by 4wd.  Visitors must hike up from Ban Nam Hoo. Some path of the trail is very steep terrain and narrow path, visitors have to be concentrate, walk through the different layers of forest with the Karen peoples learning about the hill evergreen forest and mixed deciduas forest, the villagers try to preserve them, Visitors will hike up on the steep mountain 1,650 meters, above the sea level, there are variety of wild orchids along the trail up to mountain top

and beautiful scenery on the top.

Huai Hee village is reachable by road yet the first Karen village to successfully set up community base tourism (CBT) to promote their relationship the surrounding ecosystem to the outsiders and supplement their income, their livelihood remains primarily based on rotational farming on surrounded mountain slopes. With more than 200 years of settlement history, the population of the village is less than 150.

Day 2 Hike to Doi Pui the highest summit in Mae Hong Son (Day trek 2) (B,L,D)

Trek distance: 9-10 kilometers

Duration: 5-6 hours trek

After your breakfast, meet the guide morning prepare to enjoy exploring more nature along the beautiful conservation forest area. During your trek, take this opportunity to learn how the Karen live and take the wise use of natural resources. Then reach your destination at the highest point in Mae Hong Son “Doi Pui” at 1,722 meters above the sea level.

Local Karen jungle lunch (prepares by your host family)

Continue and enjoy your trek through the wild orchid conservation area.

Late afternoon returns to the village. During your stay, you may take your observation

to see how the Karen cooking their rice. This is a full process of Karen rice cooking.

Afterwards, relax and having dinner. Enjoy your talking with family / then good night.

Day 3 Hike to Ban Huay Tong Kaw (Day trek 3) (B,L,D)

Trek distance: 11 kilometers

Duration: 7-8 hours trek

Early morning start, after breakfast say goodbye to the villagers and start walking along the gravel road for 2 kilometers, 9 kilometers along the trail walk to Ban Huai Tong Kaw descend into a river valley and back up into the steep mountains; Ban Huai Tong Kaw is good place for visitors to explore the Karen culture. Huai Tong Kaw is reachable by road, yet the village has tried to preserve their traditional knowledge. The village is still home to blacksmiths, herbal gurus, spiritual leaders, ritual singers, Sword dance. The highlight of tourist attraction in this village is waterfall about 150 meters high.

After dinner you could have an optional activity is sword dance at the village center and get back to home stay for bed time.

Day 4 Hike to Huay Kung Village (Day trek 4) (B,L,D)

Trek distance: 10-11 kilometers

Duration: 6-7 hours trek

Hike down into the Valley of Mae Samad River. Visit the biggest waterfall in Mae Hong Son. Many river crossings and steep terrain, a long, you just get wet with your shoes/boots, the water level is about 1 meter deep.  The village of Huai Kung is a small Buddhist village that consists of approximately 4 households with no direct road access, the village situated nearby the Mae Samad River 380 meters above sea level, they called this village “Baan Lek Nai Pa-Yai” it is means small village situated in the ancient forest or primary forest which limits the number of tourists and money in the village.  The villagers are dependant on the fresh water fish in addition to hunting game, paddy rice farming and gathering forest products for their food security.

Huai Kung Village is very good place for swimming, and they will serve you a lot of fish.

Day 5 Hike down to Pha-Bong Village (Day trek 5) (B,L)

Trek distance: 9-10 kilometers

Duration: 5-6 hours trek

More relax hike down into the valley of Mae Samad River, many rivers crossing and steep terrain, a long, you just get wet with your shoes/boots again, we are walking into primary of mixed deciduas forest which is a lot of teaks woods, bamboos, and red woods. It takes about 4-5 hours to hike to Pa-Bong Village and than drive to the Fern Resort about 30 minutes.

Please note: during June-November trail from Ban Huai Goong will be switched to the trail that lead to Ban Nam Hoo Hai Jai. Because of the water level is too high. End of service.

Tour includes:

  • English speaking tour leader 1 pax
  • Transfer from Mae Hong Son to Trail head and return 4wd (6-7 pax per car)
  • Entrance fee to national park
  • 4 nights homestay with Karen family (2-4 pax per family)
    • mattress, pillow, warm blanket and mosquito net
    • Toilet (squat toilet) and shower usually outside (warm water not available)
  • Meals (B,L,D) total of  meals 13
  • Local guide from community
  • Tour activities; trekking to the summit of Doi Pui, visit rotational farming, observe local culture such as, Karen hand weaving cloth and natural color dye
  • Drinking water and snacks
  • Vat 7%

Tour excludes:

  • Personal expenses
  • Accommodation in Mae Hong Son
  • Air fare
  • Other contribution to community

What to bring:

  • Culturally sensitive clothing
  • Old clothing for outdoor activities
  • Strong shoes, Warm jumper, Tough, long pants, towel, flip-flop
  • Personal uses; toothpaste, toothbrush, soap or shower cream and shampoo
  • Torch and batteries
  • Photos of home / family for cultural exchange
  • Optional: Blanket or sleeping bag
  • Optional: personal water bottle Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat
  • Insect repellent
  • Torch
  • Camera and battery charger

Please be noted:

  • Homestay supplied with mattress, mosquito net, pillow, warm blanket, squat toilet.
  • Toilet usually locates outside the house.
  • Most of the toilet will have 2 bins or buckets of water; 1 is for squat toilet and another one for taking a bath.
  • Please put used toilet paper in rubbish bin.
  • Host family usually let guests to enjoy the meals first. So do not worry about the host family. They usually eat later.
  • Communicate with the local community; simply use your body language and your emotion to communicate with them.
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