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Khaosok Lake Homestay

Khaosok Lake A great way to experience local life and be more than a tourist!

Khao Pung Homestay

Khaosok Lake Homestay

Khaosok Lake homestay a unique program shows you what life is like on both sides of the dam, making for a meaningful and beautiful visit to Khao Sok.

Cultural explorer experiences allow you to be a guest of the families living in the areas neighboring the Khaosok Lake and national park. By spending time with the local people, you’ll get a sense of the way of life that predates the national park and see how it’s changed as well.

Khaosok Lake Homestay this trip will allow you to tour around a local farm to pick produce that you will prepare with your host family for dinner, spend a day on the lake, hike in the world’s oldest jungle, and see a local handcraft project, or go for a hike, while you stay in Khaosok Lake village, you’ll be able to see the many aspects of local life that are unique to the area besides that  Jat San weaving collective was formed by women who were displaced by the creation of the lake.  Lung Samran and a few of his

Local Food

friends come together at his shop regularly to make ‘Look Wuh’, a thai yo-yo that is not made elsewhere.

Two other famous local specialties have to do with unique, traditional ways of preserving food: there is one project that makes sour fish and another which makes salted eggs.  Both are great visits for adventurous foodies!

The village itself is set up for homestays that can accommodate single travelers, family and study groups, with many cultural and ecotourism activities available around the area.

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Khaosok Lake Homestay

Local Life Homestay  2 day 1 night 

See the other side of the lake by visiting with a local farming family. This experience includes seeing the temple and hanging bridge, visiting the mixed agriculture orchards, going for a swim in the river, and making a traditional Thai meal together with your host family. In the morning you can plant a tree with your host family and go for a swim before going on a group or private lake tour.

Cultural Explorer Homestay 3 day 2 nigth 

Get a deeper understanding of the community by spending two nights in Khao Pang village. On the first afternoon, you’ll see the temple and hanging bridge, go for a swim and prepare dinner with your family. The following morning after breakfast, you’ll have the option of a canoe trip or hike in the morning. In the afternoon, you’ll have the chance to visit one of the community projects for weaving, salted eggs, or sour fish. The following morning you’ll make an herbal tea and plant a tree with your family before continuing to your next destination.

Morning Mist

Programs Include – Homestay accommodation, English-speaking guide, meals from dinner on day 1 until breakfast on the last day, activities outlined in program, transportation to and from our office in Ban Ta Khun.


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