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Delve into the rich history of Phuket old town. Get insight into three generations of Thai-Chinese culture by the local community that is striving to keep their cultural heritage alive. Explore unseen wonders as you walk through the quaint streets with your guide, who will explain about the unique architecture and take you to traditional tea shops, temples and museums. Old Town Phuket is truly the heart of Phuket

Half day Program

Old Town

Meet your local guide at Tai Hua Museum to learn about the traditional Chinese Thai culture known as “Baba” and “YaYa”. The museum illustrates the unique migration of the Chinese people to Phuket that dates back to the 18th century. You will get a unique look into the cultural insight of this history and how it relates to present day.

Begin a relaxing walking tour through the historic Phuket Old Town. Enjoy observing the distinct Sino-European architecture, a silent reminder of Phuket town as a thriving mining community. Stroll by the many Chinese shop houses where families have been living and working for many generations and listen to stories your local guide will tell about their family’s history. Stop to try tasty traditional desserts with tea at one of the oldest buildings in the community. You can look at the heirlooms that have been collected from generation to generation that are proudly on display.

Afternoon Tea

Enter an old Chinese Herbal Shop and walk all the way to the back to a secret Thai Chinese Temple that still has its original structure on display.

Continue to Phuket community house and chat with the local people to learn about the art of the Chi-No Colonial architecture in town. The community house is a living museum that allows you to step back in time. You can enter rooms that have the original furniture and trinkets and listen as your guide describes how people lived generations ago.

Visit a blacksmith factory that is a historical landmark in Old Town Phuket and try your hand at wielding metal.

For lunch or dinner, learn how to prepare a traditional Phuket lunch or dinner with the local community. You will listen to traditional music played by the beloved blind musician, Anne. Enjoy your freshly cooked meal together. End of Program

Blog Post

Community Highlight: The community group is committed to sustainable tourism by implementing zero waste sustainability policies to keep their local community clean for future generations.