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Andaman Discoveries makes use of our extensive network of local communities and partners to offer a wide variety of unique experiences. Our programs benefit both the guest and the host – providing genuine benefit to local people and fascinating insights into a unique way of life.

Southern Thailand from Reefs to rain forests and from beach escapes to cultural exchanges find out why traveling responsibly is the secret to an unforgettable Thailand experience.

Village Tours

Stay with a local family in an overnight homestay, engage in activities focused on traditional livelihoods and see the real Thailand.

Island Tours

Visit and snorkel with  the original inhabitants of Surin island, the Moken Experience, to learn why this community of traditional sea faring nomads is special! and also Similan Island Tour

Study Tour Service & Group Tours

For schools and special focus groups, we can create a trip to meet your learning outcomes and interests. Community connection and study and service tours.

Khao Sok Ecotours

Explore the stunning nature of this ancient rain forest complex, sleep in jungle bungalow or tree houses and floating bungalows on the Khao Sok Lake

Day Tour

Between mountainous and Andaman Sea is a small town, Kuraburi, Khaolak, Phang Nga where you can explore traditional way of Southern Thai life. Bike along a green route or snorkel at an untouched island, let yourself feel free from any bonds.

Regional Tours – Thailand

Andaman Discoveries showcases the best community based and sustainable tours offered throughout Thailand.  We collaborate with our country partners who share the same ethical tourism based principles, reaching out to communities to create meaningful experiences for guests. These tours allow guests to see each each region of Thailand- North, Central and South, each with its own unique environmental landscape and local community culture.

Hidden Thailand

Explore the beautiful nature of Southern Thailand while visiting undeveloped islands and pristine jungles, jet off to Chiang Mai to experience the Northern culture in the mixed forest and way of life by visiting local villages and ancient wonders with an exotic tribal homestay and nature trek, navigate through central Thailand on a bicycle and ferry to learn about the ancient cities and ruins of the country and see Bangkok through the eyes of the locals.