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Khao Sok National Park

View of Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park, in the heart of a primary rain forest, is one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand.

Khao Sok’s lofty karst formations present visitors a stunning landscape and diverse wildlife. With total area of 738.74 square kilometers, the park has a general topographic composition of Limestone Mountains. The highest peak in the park measures at 961m above sea level.

Places to stay

Khao Sok Lake Tour – Cheow Lan Lake & Raft Houses

Today’s landscape was founded 66 million years ago. The heavily weathered limestone karst were once part of a coral reef system, five times longer than the Great Barrier Reef that stretched from Borneo to China.

Because the ice age did not affect Khao Sok, it’s rainforest is older than the forests of Central America and the Amazon.

Raft Houses at the Lake

The virgin forests of the National Park have various types of plant life including a number of very rare and sacred tree species. The botanical richness of the region, the abundance of fresh water and the protection offered by an extremely rugged terrain make Khao Sok prime habitat to a wide variety of wildlife.

Together with the wildlife sanctuaries of Klong Saeng and Klong Nakha located to the north of Khao Sok, Sri Phang Nga National Park to the west, and Klong Phanom National Park to the south, this is the largest protected forest area in Southern Thailand and the only viable habitat for mammals needing extensive tracts of virgin forest for their survival.

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