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Eco Tourism Activities

The region boasts a variety of pristine eco-systems ranging from dense tropical jungle, lush mangrove forests, and colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life. Explore deep into these ecosystems with a trained local guide and translator to discover a variety of exotic wildlife, flora, and fauna. You will forget the hustle and bustle of modern life as you adventure into the great outdoors, while learning how local communities live in harmony with their surroundings. Whether you’re an eco junkie or novice, Andaman Discoveries can help you learn more about the fascinating eco-systems and wildlife along the North Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand.  We can create bespoke tours to fit your interests!

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Cycling Tours


For cyclists passing through the region, visiting a village makes a welcomed break. Villages offer comfortable accommodation and excellent food, everything you need for a good night’s sleep to prepare you for the next leg of your journey. Cycling tours can be offered in the quaint town of Kuraburi, on the island of Koh Phratong and up to the village of Kuraburi.  Please inquire for more information.

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 Jungle Trekking

Ecotour Activities - Eco Jungle Trek

Jungle Trek

The North Andaman Region of Southern Thailand is surrounded by dense jungle, and either a light trek or days of hiking adventure is an ideal way to get a sense of what this magnificent ecosystem has to offer. The jungle is home to a variety of animals including gibbons, hornbills, macaques, and lizards — a delight for nature lovers! Take an ecotour with a local guide who will highlight points of interest and explain how plants and trees are used by the villagers in cooking and for medicinal purposes. Some villages have created interpretive nature trails ideal for people of all abilities. The trials include guide ropes, informative signs, and viewpoints over the Andaman Sea and mangroves. You can experience jungle trekking with the Moken of Koh Surin, at the Khao Sok & Lake or in Kuraburi!

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Our guide was very knowledgeable about plants in the forest. He was engaging and humorous with people in the group. He was helpful when on the trek making sure as a group we were safe, helping us down slippery parts of the trail. He makes a good guide and would be able to support others to become forest guides.

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There are many uninhabited tropical islands a short boat ride from the Andaman Coast. Swaying palm trees, powdery soft sand, and crystal-clear waters make this area a picture-perfect destination to laze away a couple of hours in the sun. Snorkeling reveals the island’s splendid underwater paradise, teeming with colorful fish and vibrant corals. Sea turtles frequent the coast which is well-known for its amazing bio-diversity.  Explore the underwater world on Koh Surin or with a local guide in Ban Talae Nok.

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Waterfalls and Jungle Rivers

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The North Andaman coast contains breathtaking waterfalls, rapids, and rivers that are easily accessible from many villages. These places are great for swimming or simply relaxing, and the surrounding forest provides shade and an idyllic location for lunch and a nap (don’t forget your book!) A light trek into the forest offers the possibility of seeing variety of wildlife, including monkeys and exotic bird life such as the white-throated kingfisher and great hornbills. Your English-speaking guide will highlight points of interest throughout the trail before you are rewarded with a gorgeous waterfall — perfect for swimming and cooling off! Note: The waterfalls are best to visit during the rainy season when the water volume is highest. Explore the waterfalls of Kuraburi and Ban Na Village with a local guide.

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