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Koh Surin Moken Experience

4 Days, 3 Nights Tour

Moken Experience Koh Surin National Park is a paradise of fine white sandy beaches, thick forest, crystal-clear waters, and the most extensive coral reef in Thailand.  It is also home to the Moken Sea Nomads, an ancient sea people who have lived along Thailand’s North Andaman coast for thousands of years. Traditionally nomadic, the Moken are hunter-gatherers that live in harmony with nature. More recently, the Moken have faced challenges of modernization, and are now open to sharing their way of life with respectful visitors in order to protect their culture.

Moken Sea Nomads

Moken Sea Nomads

Day 1 – Arrive to Kuraburi

Arrive in Kuraburi for a pre-trip briefing at the Andaman Discoveries office. Spend a relaxing evening in town and a peaceful night in the comfortable bungalows in Kuraburi with a/c and hot water.

Day 2 – Moken Village Visit

In the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast at the local Kuraburi market with your translator and then transfer to Kuraburi Pier. Take a one hour speedboat ride to reach Koh Surin, arrive to the National Park Headquarters and check into your tent accommodation.

Meet your local guide and hop aboard a long-tail boat to the Moken village. A tour around the village is an insight into the intricate relationship between the Koh Surin Moken and their surrounding environment. Learn about the brightly colored ‘’Spirit Poles’’ and Moken homes, built on wooden stilts directly on the beach.

Join your Moken guide on a forest hike; the guide will highlight useful plants, including medicinal herbs, edible species, and those used in construction of traditional houseboats. Try your hand at rowing a Moken ‘’row-boat’’ and re-enacting their method of spear fishing.

Spear fishing Activity

Spear fishing Activity

Have a packed lunch under the shade of a tree on a beach near the village. After lunch go snorkeling and explore the coral reef with your Moken guide. Your guide will take you to a wonderland of colorful tropical fish and allow you to witness the impressive Moken swimming techniques. End your day with your Moken guide and return to the NPHQ to relax and enjoy the sunset from the white sand beach. You will have dinner at the NPHQ canteen. Overnight in Koh Surin National Park in tent accommodation on the beach; bedding is provided.

Day 3 – Life of the Moken

Breakfast at the NPHQ canteen. After breakfast meet your Moken guide and take a snorkel tour to see the underwater life of the Moken, how they have adapted to living in the water, and why they love it. Watch as your Moken guide spots sea turtles and sharks swimming in the waters.

Return to the NPHQ to have a Thai style lunch. Hop back on the long-tail boat to go visit special Moken places around the islands and learn how they have lived here for generations. Afterwards head back to the NPHQ to enjoy free time to walk the beach and enjoy the sunset. Have dinner at the NPHQ canteen. Overnight in tent on the beach.


Moken Kabang

Day 4 – Mythology of the Moken

Have breakfast at the NPHQ canteen. Reunite with your Moken guide to explore another snorkeling site or another visit to the village. Then say goodbye to your new friends and reflect on your time immersing in Koh Surin Moken life.

Return to the NPHQ to have a Thai style lunch, pack your belongs and prepare for departure from the island. Depart Koh Surin by speedboat to Kuraburi Pier. Transfer back to Andaman Discoveries’ office to end your program.