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Volunteering at Kuraburi high school

Hello! Sawadeeka! I volunteered as an English teacher at Kuraburi Chaipattana High School for 9 weeks from Mid-January to Mid-March 2018. It was the last semester of the academic year before the summer break. With little to no experience in teaching students formally in my home country (but my friends always filled me in with their teaching adventures), I set foot at Kuraburi Chaipattana on Monday, 15th January 2018, just 24 hours after turning twenty-six years old. I was attached […]

Volunteer Impact

Over the last six months Andaman Discoveries has seen a total of 13 volunteers at our 6 projects. Volunteer project coordinators continue to show their enthusiasm to host volunteers as the schools do not have the financial means to hire a western speaking teacher. They often times comment that the student’s English comprehension is extremely low, especially with conservation and contextual understanding. This makes the students often times shy and they have low confidence when trying to speak English. Volunteers […]

Creative Volunteering

Students playing games at the beach with volunteers

Over this last season Andaman Discoveries has had amazing volunteers! There were a total of 57 volunteers throughout the six volunteer programs that we support. The majority of the volunteer projects focus on teaching English in a fun and interactive way. There is a direct need for volunteers at local schools and learning centers because the schools do not have a budget to hire a Western English teacher to build the capacity of the students and also Thai English teacher. Thai students […]

Andaman Discoveries Volunteer Testimonial

There are certain moments that are life changing. We may not even recognize them at the time. Like the day when the guy gave you your first office job and you didn’t realize you were looking for one. Like the day you went back to college and you became addicted to knowledge and didn’t stop until you had your master’s degree. Okay, so those were a 2009, but I wasn’t sure what to think of working with the children. That […]

Volunteer Update 2014

The last quarter brought in 8 volunteers that focused on teaching English at local learning centers for Burmese migrant children, and also rural Thai schools. Volunteers were also placed at a local orphanage and a center for children with Disabilities. The volunteers showed the patience and willingness to learn that allowed for a collaborative effort between themselves, the students and the teachers! Testimonials- “ My seven weeks volunteering at the Kuraburi Learning Center and Nursery have been some of the […]

Teaching at the local temple

Hi all, Check out this blog post written by Anna, a USA student writing a sustainability protocol here at AD. Anna, Kathy and two volunteers of AD went to the local temple to do some teaching, so much fun! Also, check out Anna’s other blog posts to read all about her experiences here in Thailand.