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Volunteer Update 2014

Volunteer with Tung Rak Students

Volunteer with Tung Rak Students

The last quarter brought in 8 volunteers that focused on teaching English at local learning centers for Burmese migrant children, and also rural Thai schools. Volunteers were also placed at a local orphanage and a center for children with Disabilities. The volunteers showed the patience and willingness to learn that allowed for a collaborative effort between themselves, the students and the teachers!

BLC Students

BLC Students


“ My seven weeks volunteering at the Kuraburi Learning Center and Nursery have been some of the most challenging weeks of my life, but also some of the best ones I’ve had. The children I have been working with will always be in my heart and I can defiantly say that they have changed my life!”

Helena Kaloudi, Kuraburi Learning Center and Nursery

“ The time as an English Teacher in the Rural Thai School was great. I gained so much experience and it was always fun teaching the kids. The teachers were amazing even though there was a language barrier. They always tried to help me and I loved spending time with them. I really got to know the country, people, culture and a bit of the language!”

Xenia Sauer, Rural Thai School

“Overall I loved the experience. I loved when the children responded to my teaching.  The housing was great and the people in the village were very friendly. I was touched by the benevolence and unselfishness if the staff and strangers I met exploring the village.”

Kerri Thiede, Rural Thai School

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