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Our offer during the low season

The month of May is almost over and this means that the high season has come to an end. Although, the amount of tourists will be lower the next few months, there is still more than enough to do for everyone. Even during the low season we have many different programs that can still be enjoyed. Keep reading to discover which of our current programs can be booked all year round and to read more about two new tours we […]

Community Training in Khao Sok

Community based tourism training Khao Sok Thailand

The area of Khao Sok is getting more and more famous among tourists in Thailand for its stunning natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Whereas most people decide to stay in floating camps on Cheow Lan Lake or guesthouses at Khao Sok National Park there is an even more challenging and unique way to discover this remote area. The community of Khao Phang in the region of Khao Sok and only a 20 minutes drive from Cheow Lan Lake decided to […]

Khao Sok Lake Branch of Andaman Discoveries!

We are happy to officially introduce the Khao Sok Lake Branch of Andaman Discoveries!  The office in Takun, Surat Thani offers sustainable tours and accommodation on Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park.  Khao Sok Lake is dedicated to encouraging community based tourism  and empowering the local communities and family run businesses to directly benefit from the influx of tourism on the Lake. The trial season was met with great success and guests walked away with a greater knowledge of […]

Ross School Study Tour

”A World Away” A group of twenty students from America ventured to Southern Thailand to participate in a number of activities that allowed them to experience the different aspects of Thailand. They started by volunteering for five days at the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi where they created an inspirational space in the library by painting a world map on the wall, painting pictures on the shutters and creating shelving units for books. They also spent time with the students […]

KIS Study Group

A group of 41 students from KIS international school in Bangkok made there way down South to learn about the environment and participate in service projects in the local communities. Their journey began with a beautiful and picturesque long-tail boat ride on Chieow Laan Lake in Khao Sok to reach their destination for a day of excursions. The students took an interpretive walk through the forest that led to long bamboo rafts. They took a short ride to coral cave where they learned about the […]