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Responsible Tourism Training at Klong Nang Yon Community Enterprise

Last weekend Tui and Noon gave a presentation to the Klong Nang Yon community enterprise which is part of the Destination Development project by Prince Of Songkla University, Suratthani Campus.  5 local business group members such as Homestay, Bamboo Rafting, Boat rafting, Restaurant and Resort were participated in the meeting. They are interested in learning about responsible tourism. At the meeting, we discussed abouhow to be a good interpreter, Principle & guidelines for a successful community development and how to […]

AD staff in training !

AD staff Noon and Bee traveled to Chulabhorn Underwater Park Conservation Centre to join the Knowledge and Comprehension Increased Training Project about ecotourism on Koh Similan. Koh Similan National Park provided a short training for tour guides and staff from companies that run snorkeling and diving tours. The idea ofthe training was to learn about the marine ecosystem, reef monitoring, environmental friendly snorkeling and diving, first aid, marine rescue, and the Ko Similan code of conduct. Andaman Discoveries looks forward to using […]

North Andaman Network Foundation!

Andaman Discoveries is proud to introduce the North Andaman Network Foundation! The ‘NAN Foundation’ has been developed to advance the community projects of the North Andaman Community Tourism Network and philanthropic efforts of Andaman Discoveries. The NAN foundation works in cooperation with communities along the North Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand, supporting capacity building with interested communities via trainings and educational initiatives.  The goal of the NAN foundation is to empower local communities to build the resilience and adaptive capacity necessary to […]

Mangrove Planting on Koh Phrathong!

Mangrove conservation on Koh Phra Thong and Koh Ra Everything seems quiet and empty at first, it is low tide and only a gentle breeze whistles through evergreen leaves. But then a closer look at the muddy ground reveals a hectic bustle of hundreds of small crabs scavenging for food and digging holes in breathtaking speed. Mudskippers hop around in the shallow water and large sea birds circle over the tree tops. The mangrove swamps along Thailand’s Andaman coast are […]

Khao Sok Lake Volunteers visit Kuraburi!

Two volunteers helping in the Khao Sok Lake office took the time to come visit Andaman Discoveries last month!  This trip was meant to help them become familiar with our community based tourism style! As the first volunteers for Andaman Discoveries Ta Khun, we had the great opportunity to go and visit two homestays in Kho Phra Thong and Ban Talae Nok as well as to see the Moken village on the Surin Islands. After those six days of intensive […]

CAS – ‘Community and Service’ Tour

 AD was happy to welcome back the Hilversum International School for their 2014 CAS trip!   The focus of their time was to experience Thai culture and lend a helping hand to the Burmese Learning Center. The trip began with a village homestay in Ban Tale Nok where the group was welcomed by the friendly and smiling families.  The students learned about Thai Muslim culture through participating in activities like: cooking a Thai snack, net fishing at sunset on the […]

Andaman Discoveries Scholarship Program

Andaman Discoveries started a scholarship program after the 2004 Tsunami. The program started with 214 students, and up to now 53 students are still following the program. Some students that graduated came back to teach at their local school sharing their gift of education with the children. For example, Wilansinee ‘’Klang’’ Klathalay is teaching at Koh Surin School and Supaporn ‘’Kai’’ Mardmun is teaching at Ban Talae Nok School. Most of the students are currently still following higher education. With […]

Little Big Project Volunteers

Hi everybody, We just wanted to give you an update of what is happening at Andaman Discoveries. We are very happy to introduce you to TAT Volunteers, Esa and Rachman. They will be joining a 14-day program of Andaman Discoveries. They are currently writing a daily blog, please like the blog updates with 5-stars and help our volunteers win the final Little Big Project competition! Thanks! Check out their blogs on Esa & Rachman enjoying some delicious […]

Take a walk on the wild side

Getting around in Thailand is fairly easy. Tuk-tuks, taxis and motorbike rentals are cheap and easy to find. The Thai’s acknowledge this, and therefore they consider everything further than 200 meters to be far. Have you ever asked for directions, and got the answer that the place you are looking for is “too far”, and then it turns out, it’s just a 5-min walk? This is actually a point where I recommend you not to do as the locals! As […]

My first homestay experience

This weekend I went to the little muslim village of Ban Talae Nok ,with my colleagues, for village guide training.  Ban Talae Nok is a small, coastal village with about 200 inhabitants where Andaman Discoveries is hosting community-based tourism with a homestay programs. We arrived late in the evening, settled in our house, and held a meeting with the village’s tourism group. Unfortunately, as I don’t speak Thai, I could not understand what was being said in the meeting, but […]