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Women and Solo Travelers

Southern Thailand tours, single traveler safetyTraveling in a foreign country can be daunting. Many of our previous volunteers and staff came to Thailand on their own and understand firsthand the challenges of visiting a foreign country and an unfamiliar culture. Andaman Discoveries will do everything possible to ensure your safety and comfort during your visit, and will help you prepare for your journey to minimize Andaman Discoveries provides a supportive and detailed service from the beginning to address your concerns. We provide a Pre-Departure Guide before your tour so that you can read up on Thailand’s fascinating culture, environment, and language to prepare for the trip.


The rural villages that host our tours are far away from touristy destinations and probably a lot safer. The populations of the villages are small and everyone knows each other, giving it a nice tight-knit community feel. You’ll be cared for as a special guest in the village and made to feel very welcome.

You’ll have a translator with you throughout your village tour to ensure that you and the villagers can communicate and enjoy an enriching cultural exchange. We’ll also provide have a comprehensive Thai Phrasebook so that you can learn some Thai with the locals during your visit.

Southern Thailand tours, traveler safety

Constant Support

Andaman Discoveries works very closely with field staff, village coordinators, and the villagers themselves to ensure that you get the most from your trip. If you have any special requests or there is something particular you would like to do, just ask and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Getting Involved

You may want to think about doing some hands-on activities while you are in village. A morning’s mangrove restoration is a great way to keep fit and make a positive contribution to the village. The children are always keen to practice their English and you’ll always be greeted with a big “hello” and warm smile.

Popular village activities include interactive handicraft workshops and Thai cooking lessons.

We can arrange a direct transfer from Phuket airport straight to our office for your convenience.

Read what some previous travelers had to say!

Helen, UK

traveler safety Helen“At the end of just a day I understood more about Thailand than in four weeks of backpacking and staying in guesthouses. We traveled to and from obscure piers that the average tourist would never know were there. We got to try out driving the long-tail boat, visited their temple, met members of the Moken tribe who talked about traditions dying and surviving amongst them. We learnt about the role of the chief, their fishing economy, how to make squid traps and an unusual community drive for conserving endangered animals and ecosystems. I feel privileged to have seen behind the scenes in Thailand; it’s a genuine and memorable experience I won’t forget.”

Annalise, USA

“Just when I was starting to get hungry, we arrived at a house with beautiful red flowering bushes. A young boy sped up the huge coconut tree in the yard and threw down delicious coconuts for us to eat. After we finished drinking the milk, our guides split open the coconuts, and the hospitable villagers brought out spoons for us to eat the young coconut inside.

traveler safety HelenRefreshed, we continued on and saw some poisonous bright orange mushrooms. Our guides pointed out some wild pig tracks crossing the path and apparently saw a huge python, but it slithered off into the bushes before we saw it.”


“The snorkeling trip to Ko Kai Island with a packed lunch (prepared by the Lok, the family’s culinary expert) was particularly enjoyable. Happy hours were spent snorkeling in the cool waters surrounding this postcard pretty island.”

Joanna, Cultural Tour

“I was a bit nervous about traveling to a remote village, but Andaman Discoveries was very supportive, informative right from the word go and put all my fears to rest. Once in village I was made to feel like a member of the family. Having the translator there meant that I could really connect and communicate with the villagers which is something you don’t normally do in touristy areas.”