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Thank you Volunteers for Engaging, Integrating and Giving Back

Over the last month we have had 8 volunteers at four of our volunteer projects. The volunteers showed a willingness to adapt to the projects’ needs and integrated into the schools and the local Kuraburi community. English can be difficult subject for Thai students to tackle, often times leaving them extremely shy and scared to try and speak. Volunteers quickly break down these barriers by doing interactive and activity based English lessons.  Why is this important? Students are tested on […]

Burmese Learning Center Student Outreach

Ready to Learn Andaman Discoveries staff member, Lindsey, headed out with the Foundation for Education and Development staff to conduct outreach with the local Burmese Community. We wanted to register returning students and also new students. It is always the perfect opportunity to network with the Burmese families, build trust and support for our cause.  The best way to understand the students and their families is to see where they are living and what they are doing and it makes […]

Volunteer Impact

Over the last six months Andaman Discoveries has seen a total of 13 volunteers at our 6 projects. Volunteer project coordinators continue to show their enthusiasm to host volunteers as the schools do not have the financial means to hire a western speaking teacher. They often times comment that the student’s English comprehension is extremely low, especially with conservation and contextual understanding. This makes the students often times shy and they have low confidence when trying to speak English. Volunteers […]

Contributing through Participating – The NAN Foundation

Burmese Learning Center NAN foundation cause

As a Guest of Andaman Discoveries, you are directly supporting projects of our North Andaman Network Foundation. Fifty percent of Andaman Discoveries profits are given back to the NAN foundation and also donations that rebuilt into the program pricing. These projects make a difference in the lives of our local community projects and community members because they are things that are valued by these people as a way to have better lives. Take a look at how you have helped by […]

Creative Volunteering

Students playing games at the beach with volunteers

Over this last season Andaman Discoveries has had amazing volunteers! There were a total of 57 volunteers throughout the six volunteer programs that we support. The majority of the volunteer projects focus on teaching English in a fun and interactive way. There is a direct need for volunteers at local schools and learning centers because the schools do not have a budget to hire a Western English teacher to build the capacity of the students and also Thai English teacher. Thai students […]

Volunteer experiences!

Don’t dream your life.……Live your dreams! Hans & Shahide We are a couple and we live in Holland. For a long time we had the urge to go abroad for a volunteer project. This is the first time we could realize this cherished wish.  For 8 weeks we were at the Tung rak School in the south of Thailand. We prepared our trip with the local organisation Pure! and Andaman Discoveries in Thailand, Kuraburi. The need for the project was to […]

Andaman Discoveries Volunteer Testimonial

There are certain moments that are life changing. We may not even recognize them at the time. Like the day when the guy gave you your first office job and you didn’t realize you were looking for one. Like the day you went back to college and you became addicted to knowledge and didn’t stop until you had your master’s degree. Okay, so those were a 2009, but I wasn’t sure what to think of working with the children. That […]

Andaman Discoveries 2014 Awards!

Andaman Discoveries is very pleased to be recognized by Wild Asia Awards and Thailand  Green Excellent Awards. We were selected as a WINNER of  Thailand Green Excellent Award for our volunteering program and a finalist for the Wild Asia Award under the category cultural preservation! Please see our Press Release here: AD 2014 Awards Press Release

Khao Sok Lake Volunteers visit Kuraburi!

Two volunteers helping in the Khao Sok Lake office took the time to come visit Andaman Discoveries last month!  This trip was meant to help them become familiar with our community based tourism style! As the first volunteers for Andaman Discoveries Ta Khun, we had the great opportunity to go and visit two homestays in Kho Phra Thong and Ban Talae Nok as well as to see the Moken village on the Surin Islands. After those six days of intensive […]

CAS – ‘Community and Service’ Tour

 AD was happy to welcome back the Hilversum International School for their 2014 CAS trip!   The focus of their time was to experience Thai culture and lend a helping hand to the Burmese Learning Center. The trip began with a village homestay in Ban Tale Nok where the group was welcomed by the friendly and smiling families.  The students learned about Thai Muslim culture through participating in activities like: cooking a Thai snack, net fishing at sunset on the […]