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AD in the Community

Pi Tui, Pi Nat and Bang Hem from the community tourism team in Ban Talae Nok headed to Koh Yao Yai community based tourism training in partnership with IUCN. The community on Koh Yao Yai would like to open a homestay program and IUCN invited AD and Bang Hem to train them and have an open discussion about how to succeed in running a sustainable community based tourism program.  The first day was focused on introducing the principles of CBT […]

AD: Leaders of Sustainable Tourism

Andaman Discoveries has been announced as the runner up for the Thailand Green Tourism Awards under the category for best program created for foreign tourists. The award is issued by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), who has been working hard over the last year to promote community based tourism is southern Thailand. We have been working closely with TAT in connecting local communities and sharing our knowledge on how to create a sustainable homestay programs that are interactive for […]

AD Staff Community Involvement Spotlight: Get Out and Give Back!

We are all familiar with sitting in the office and getting things done, but we strive to get out and check in with our community friends. Pi Nat and Pi Tui attended Da Luang’s annual Waterlilly conservation day in Kuraburi.  Da Luang is a an older Kuraburi Local who has set up a natural nursery and conservation area for the endangered Water Lilly that was wiped out due to river bed dredging. His passion and devotion to the project allows […]

Khaosok Lake Homestay

KHAO SOK CULTURAL EXPLORER A great way to experience local life and be more than a tourist! This new and unique program shows you what life is like on both sides of the dam, making for a meaningful and beautiful visit to Khao Sok. Cultural explorer experiences allow you to be a guest of the families living in the areas neighboring the Khao Sok Lake and national park. By spending time with the local people, you’ll get a sense of […]

Deep South Exploration

View from mountain at our homestay in thailand in Yala

Andaman Discoveries traveled down to the deep south of Thailand to explore the options of developing new tours and projects with the local communities. We were astonished to find a region full of undiscovered natural beauty, heartwarming hospitality and the freshest dishes of the country’s famous cuisine. Our exploration started in the region of Sai Khao, Pattani. After a warm welcome by the local community we learned about their efforts of building up a community based tourism group within their […]

Community Training in Khao Sok

Community based tourism training Khao Sok Thailand

The area of Khao Sok is getting more and more famous among tourists in Thailand for its stunning natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Whereas most people decide to stay in floating camps on Cheow Lan Lake or guesthouses at Khao Sok National Park there is an even more challenging and unique way to discover this remote area. The community of Khao Phang in the region of Khao Sok and only a 20 minutes drive from Cheow Lan Lake decided to […]

Homestay Programs “The Bridge to Cultural Connection”

Weaving pandanus leaves Ban Talae Nok homestay Thailand

It was another spectacular high season for our homestay programs. Respectful, interested and delightful guests participated in a variety of programs that allowed for meaningful cultural experiences and interactions. Our long standing homestay programs such as Ban Talae Nok Village continue to succeed and build their capacity for future success. We continue to engage local communities to be the stewards of their culture and environment, through capacity development and alternative means of income. The original goal of Andaman Discoveries continues to […]

The Real Krabi

  We sent our first guests to Klonglu Krabi to participate in the community bungalow program. Krabi has become a bustling hub for tourists over the past two years and it is difficult to now travel there and feel or experience the Thai culture. This program allows for the respectful and interested guest to truly see the way of life of the Krabi locals and the environment. The guests participated in the local activities with their hosts such as: creating beautiful […]

Absorb the feelings of life by the sea

A few weeks ago I joined the Andaman Discoveries team to Ko Klang, a charming fishing island in the province of Krabi. We stepped onto a traditional Andaman long-tail boat from Krabi town and the first thing I notice, when arriving on the island, were the friendly smiles of the residents that welcomed us. After a sidecar drive, across the island, we stopped at a small village near the sea named Klonglu. Along the road the sight deviated from small […]

News Features on Andaman Discoveries!

AD is proud to have been featured in some top publication over the last few months!  Thank you to Susan Smilie, Cat Vinton, Noel van Bemmel and Julius Schophoff for your interest and support of our programs! The Guardian AD is very proud to have been featured in the Guardian with two separate articles!  Many thanks to Susan Smillie for her visit to the North Andaman Coast and her interest in Andaman Discoveries programs, especially the work she has done […]