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Clean Teeth At BLC From Service Tour!

The students at the BLC are now brushing their teeth each afternoon thanks to The Hilversum International School! This group of high school students came to the center as part of their study and service tour this past February.  After only one day at the center, they realized that many of the children eat sweets after lunch and have rotting teeth.  The decided to initiate an additional project to focus on dental hygiene at the school, and make a lasting […]

Hilversum International School Study and Service Trip

For the third year in a row, Andaman Discoveries was happy to welcome back the International School Hilversum group for their annual study and service trip.   This service trip for the students focuses on community service, culture and nature.  The group of 23 from the Netherlands visited the North Andaman Coast for a ten day tour that included a night in Phuket, a homestay at Ban Talae Nok, three days at the Burmese Learning Center, and three days at Home & […]