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Chak Phra Festival in Kuraburi

9th October, 2014 marks the end of the annual-three-month Buddhist Lent in Kuraburi. The Chak Phra Festival celebrated in many Southern Thailand provinces is a special annual celebration widely known for its religious devotion and lively atmosphere for this last day. This festival represents the procession of pulling the Buddha images, where this commemorates the Buddha’s return to earth after a rainy season preaching to his mother in heaven. To make this event a success, local communities and temples practiced […]

Sart Thai (Boon Daun Sib) Festival in Kuraburi

On the 23rd September, 2014, Sart Thai Day (Boon Daun Sib) festival was held at Kuraburi’s famous temple, Wat Pa San. Sart Thai refers to merit-making activities for deceased relatives and loved ones. This event usually takes place in the middle of the traditional Thai year (some time during September). I was accompanied by Noon, one of the AD staff members and she helped explain to me what this whole festival is all about. It was my first time to […]