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Ta Pae Yoi Village


Since the time of tin mining in the area, Chinese, Thai and Moken people have lived together in harmony. The name Ta Pae Yoi translates into “Uncle Yoi’s Pier.” The name is derived from folklore that says the village was founded by a Chinese man over 100 years ago. (Area Map)


Andaman Coast Mangroves

Andaman Coast Mangroves

Surrounded by lush mangroves and tropical savannah, this community plays host to a wide variety of eco-systems.The community is passionate about conserving their abundant natural resources and educates both locals and visitors alike on their importance. In the mangroves you can spot a variety of birds, monitor lizards and monkeys.The area immediately in front of the pier is a sea grass conservation area that supports sea cucumbers, and larger marine animals like dugongs. The Savannah is a natural wonder that is home to wild deer and storks. With the support of the village Chief, the community members are hoping to use tourism as a way to protect and conserve the natural environment of the area.


Buddhist Traditions

The population is predominately Buddhist and a local temple offers a place for villagers to gather on special days and make merit. The Monks that reside at this temple make a morning alms collection where locals will offer food for their one daily meal. You can see the beautiful spirit houses that adorn the village and their offering for the spirits.

Ban Ta PaeYoi

Tie Dye


The Ta Pae Yoi Community Based Tourism group was trained in kayaking and offer trips into the mangroves for bird watching and natural adventure. In the village participate in the morning Buddhist rituals, learn to create garden to table Thai meals and desserts all while relaxing in this peaceful and natural environment, join the women’s group who makes beautiful tie-dye creations using natural colors from the surrounding forests.  Have an opportunity to learn about the dying process and their techniques, then make your own piece to keep as a souvenir.Bike around the Koh Phra Thong Savannah, an environmental wonder, a desert in the midst of this tropical island.   Seasonal activities can include fishing with the locals, or practicing English with children at the local school. Village experiences can range from one to three days, please inquire for more information.

“We enjoyed our trip in the  village very much.There was a warm welcome and there were interesting activities.The trip was met our expectalious.We appreciated the hospitality of the host families that they were open and share their private life with us. We will think of our story to have lived also a bit of the “real” Thailand.” – Peter and  Gitta Dorsch