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Each village has a variety of activities; there is something for people of all ages and abilities. Our Village tour program fall into three main categories: culturalecotours, and handicrafts. Despite having an itinerary, the beauty of Andaman Discoveries trips is that many activities just happen naturally as you become part of village life.

During a village tour, you may find yourself roasting cashew nuts, preparing lunch, doing community aerobics, helping your homestay family make fishing nets, or even playing football on the beach with the locals after a busy day. Sometimes the best experiences aren’t planned. Your translator is always on hand to help you communicate and ask questions.

One of the highlights of a village tour is a stunning Andaman sunset. A short walk from most villages you will find endless stretches of undeveloped beach, the ideal place to watch the sun set over the tranquil Andaman Sea. As the sun sets, the sky becomes a canvass of amazing pinks, oranges and reds, set against the back drop of the islands, resulting in a truly unforgettable sunset with plentiful photo opportunities.

Andaman Tours - cultural exchangeYou can never really experience the Thai culture until you live within it. Watching the sunset on the beach, driving a long-tail boat, visiting an orchid, fruit, and goat farm as well as swimming in the sea, going crab fishing, climbing up Eagle Mountain and coming home to Thai style cooking and sleeping in a hammock are just some of the exciting things you could do off the coast of Kuraburi.

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Warm tropical waters and gentle waves make these beaches a great place to swim. In the evening, villagers come to the beach to play football and volleyball, and visitors are welcome to play with the locals. Relaxing and watching for the buffalo that come down to bathe can be equally rewarding.

Andaman Tours - cultural ecotour


All Andaman Discoveries activities were created with collaboration and input from the villagers themselves. Village tours provide local people with a complimentary source of income while still continuing their traditional way of life.

By welcoming tourists into their village and seeing them interested in their traditional way of life, culture, and natural surroundings, communities better understand their value. Sustainable, community-led tourism is allowing them to preserve their way of life and conserve their natural resources, which are threatened by developers.

Village tours:

  • Cultural experiences: You can find yourself doing a number of activities including shelling cashew nuts, weaving fishing nets, picking fruit, and cooking Thai food as you experience village life with the villagers themselves.
  • Ecotours: Explore and learn about the fascinating jungle, marine, coastal and mangrove eco-systems of the North Andaman.
  • Interactive handicrafts workshops: Hands-on workshops to make natural soap, Batik prints, and tie dye with the handicraft cooperative ladies. Make your own souvenir to keep or give as a gift.

We want you get the most out of your experience. We therefore offer a highly personalized, friendly, supportive, and flexible service. We can customize your trip depending on your interests, needs, time, and budget. Please contact us to inquire and start planning your trip.

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