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Tung Dap Village

TungDap Homestay

TungDap Homestay

Way of Life on a Remote Island – Moken Immersion

Top 100 Destination Thailand 2016-2018

Tung Dap village is surrounded by natural beauty. The village is located on Koh Phra Thong Island, bordered by the Andaman Sea and accessible only by boat. A one-lane road connects villager’s homes, with no automobile traffic or convenience stores. Transport comes in the form of one’s feet, a bicycle, or on a small tractor with trailer.

Small-scale fishing is the predominant form of income. The villagers sell fish, squid, and crab at a local pier. Other sources of income include fish farming and collection of forest products.

Making Dessert

Making Dessert

Coconuts are abundant and served as a fresh, juicy beverage; a snack; a delicious ingredient for a dessert; and income for the community. Don’t be surprised if you are offered a whole coconut, still on the machete used to retrieve it!

The sea is a short, one-kilometer walk from the village school. The soothing waves rolling gently onto the beach serve as a reminder of the Moken villagers’ history. Tung Dap is a great place to relax, swim, hike and explore.

The Tung Dap village itself is set up for homestays that can accommodate single travelers and small groups, with many cultural and ecotourism activities available around the island.

“I felt as comfortable as in my own home; things were done naturally, spontaneously, and genuinely from the heart. Even though we had language barriers, we communicated greatly as far as getting friendly with one another. It was a beautiful moment of exchange and sharing.” – Galaad and Julian, France

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Moken Encounter c2c TungDap 2 Day 1 night

Moken Immersion:3 day 2 night 

Weaving the Traditional Toy

Day 1 – Cultural Exchange

  • Hop on a long‐tail boat to Tung Dap Village, along the way ride through the unique mangrove forest
  • Learn how to make squid traps with local fisherman or weave palm fronds into animal shapes ‐ keep as souvenir
  • Tractor ride to a long stretch of deserted beach to learn about the local occupations of fishing, collecting edible oysters and tin mining
  • Relax on the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset or help prepare the evening meal of the freshest sea food and Thai specialties
  • Share stories with your home stay family

    Tung Dap Beach

Day 2 – Natural Wonders

  • Enjoy the Savannah from the back of a homemade tractor. Try to catch a glimpse of wildlife, such as deer and birds, or find a honeycomb up in the trees
  • Head out with your local guide into the mangrove ecosystem to catch crabs, fish or gather shells
  • Talk with your new local friends or take a walk to the beach and enjoy another colorful sunset

Laser Adjutant

Day 3 – Village Life

  • Join the local women to make a traditional Moken dessert from local “kanomjak” flour and coconut.
  • After lunch, Transfer back to the Andaman Discoveries’ office for debriefing, End of program.


  • Transfer from Kuraburi to village
  • Accommodation in homestay
  • English speaking guide
  • Activities and food full board as mention in the program
  • Travel insurance
  • Community fund for the village
  • TAX

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