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Ta Pae Yoi Homestay

The village of Ta Pae Yoi is one of three villages located on the island of Koh Phra Thong and the latest to develop a community based tourism group. The main livelihood of the villagers is fishing and locals rely on the nature surrounding the village to support their simple and relaxed way of life.

This village is located on the north eastern side of Koh Phra Thong and situated facing the mainland, sparing it from the most devastating destruction of the 2004 tsunami that impacted the other villages on this island. The village hosts a school, health center, local government office and also a temple. Ta Pae Yoi is easily accessible by daily passenger boat service.

Island Homestay

The village itself is set up for homestays that can accommodate single travelers and study groups, with many cultural and ecotourism activities available around the area.

 “Happiness is wherever you want ! How easily I could get used to living in another place  so different to my ”  – David Recover 

Sample of 3 Day Ta Pae Yoi Village Tour:

Day 1 – Cultural Exchange

  • Hop on a long‐tail boat to Ta Pae Yoi village, along the way ride through the unique mangrove forest
  • Walking tour of the community with your local guide to learn about the history and lives of these island villagers
  • Tie Dye workshop using natural colors from the surrounding forests. Learn about the dyeing process and make your own piece to keep as a souvenir
  • Learn to cook a traditional Southern Thai style meal with your homestay family and share your background stories

Day 2 – Natural Wonders

  • Participate in traditional Buddhist alms giving
  •  Bird watching tour. Your local guide and translator will assist you with the help of binoculars and a bird book to identify different species
  • Make a traditional Thai snack or go fishing with the locals
  • Take a tractor tour to the Savannah. Explore the uninhabited interior of the island. Visit the stretch of undeveloped beach.
  • Collect local vegetables to create an authentic, organic meal

Day 3 – Village Life

  • Guided kayak tour of the mangrove conservation area to learn about this eco‐system and its importance to the village
  • Walk to local school and participate in student activities or spend time with the villagers
  • After lunch, Transfer back to Andaman Discoveries’ office for debriefing

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