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Volunteering at Kuraburi high school

Hello! Sawadeeka! I volunteered as an English teacher at Kuraburi Chaipattana High School for 9 weeks from Mid-January to Mid-March 2018. It was the last semester of the academic year before the summer break. With little to no experience in teaching students formally in my home country (but my friends always filled me in with their teaching adventures), I set foot at Kuraburi Chaipattana on Monday, 15th January 2018, just 24 hours after turning twenty-six years old. I was attached […]

Southern Thailand Study & Service Tour

 “It has been an amazing week for me. It is definitely the best trip yet!” “I really enjoyed my time teaching and playing with the kids.” Volunteer projects and nature based tours are a combination of elements that offer study tour participants the chance to have a profound and interactive experience. 34 students and 4 teachers from KIS International school Bangkok partook in a four day program that took them from Khao Sok National Park  to service activities in the […]

Volunteer Update 2014

The last quarter brought in 8 volunteers that focused on teaching English at local learning centers for Burmese migrant children, and also rural Thai schools. Volunteers were also placed at a local orphanage and a center for children with Disabilities. The volunteers showed the patience and willingness to learn that allowed for a collaborative effort between themselves, the students and the teachers! Testimonials- “ My seven weeks volunteering at the Kuraburi Learning Center and Nursery have been some of the […]

Sports Day in BLC

The first ever ‘Sports Day’ was held at the learning center on the 28th November, 2013.  The students were buzzing with excitement and smiles were ever present as they participated in the sporting events.  Kruu Ched provided the opening address filled with motivations and the occasional joke that provoked laughter from the children and the staff.  Events included a relay race, games of‘cat and mouse, a hula hoop competition and football. The highlight of the event struck when two of the nursery […]

Environmental Awareness Seminar

In November, two interns from Andaman Discoveries conducted a three day seminar on environmental awareness.  Students were introduced to the basics of the environment, ecosystems, interconnection of living things, waste management and the effects of pollution.  Through illustrations, comparisons and flash cards students were able to identify the different living things they see around them, positive and negative actions and ideal scenarios. Waste is an unfortunate problem in the surrounding areas of the school and students were asked how their household practices can affect […]

Making Recycled Paper at the BLC

A mini workshop on making recycled paper sponsored by AD was held in the Kuraburi Burmese Learning Center for two days in September.  The students were extremely intrigued when they saw the boxes of old paper and the bins of water. Lindsey, our volunteer coordinator and the teacher did a fantastic job engaging and educating the children on the basics of paper making. The students shredded and soaked the papers, and rolled out the mixture to create beautiful sheets of […]

Volunteer blog: I am a Thai Chili Pepper

Home and life volunteer

I’m on my second day at the aptly named Home and Life Orphanage outside of Phuket. It’s good to have moved pass my first day, floundering and feeling overwhelmed. It was consoling to see my teammates arrive a day later and go through the same emotions. There we were, college educated, working professionals in tech and health industries, wondering how our skills and experiences could be best utilized to help these people during our brief stay. But our concerns were put […]

Burmese Learning Center Update

The school will be closed for the students October break. Currently there are 40-50 students attending school each week and four thoughtful and caring teachers to administer the education and lunch program. The school has had three volunteers over the past few months coming for two to three weeks at a time to teach English. A parents meeting was held and the attendance was great, showing continued commitment to their children’s education. The parents are still interested and appreciative of […]

Volunteer Highlights

“If you lead a passionate, meaningful life, you will also create a spectacular ripple effect of inspiration in the lives around you” -Anonymous Thank you volunteers for your dedication and hard work over the summer months. You touched many people’s lives and you make the world a better, much happier place. Volunteer highlight Caroline van Lanschot was the first volunteer at the Tung Rak school. She spent a wonderful three weeks sharing recourses with the teachers and teaching the students. One […]

Volunteer and Community Based Tour

“The host families were amazing, the food was amazing and the villagers were very kind” -Tiondra Hamilton, USA Nine guests from Austria, Switzerland, the UK and the USA came together to experience an unforgettable community and volunteer based tour with Andaman Discoveries.  They started by staying at the School for Life in Thai Muang where a different form of volunteering took place. The volunteering did not necessarily have tangible, concrete results that the group could see by the end of […]