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Songkran: what is it and why is it one of my favorite holidays?

What is Songkran? Songkran, also called” water festival”, is one of the biggest Buddhist holidays in Thailand. It is an annual holiday in Thailand that is celebrated mid April. Each year Songkran is held from the 13th through the 15th of April. In some places the celebration even lasts for a whole week. On Songkran people celebrate the traditional Thai New Year. The official New Year is celebrated on the 1st of January like in most other countries. The traditional […]

Children’s Day in Koh Phra Thong

Last Saturday, the much beloved and anticipated Children Day event was held in Ban Tung Dap on Koh Phra Thong. As the annual host village, the Ban Tung Dap locals were the main organizer of the event with collaboration with the local government authorities in Koh Phra Thong. The villagers from Ban Ta Pae Yoi and Ban Lion also participated in the day’s event along with Andaman Discoveries acting as one of  the sponsors of this very special celebration. The day […]

The Relation Between Capacity Building and Community Based Tourism

AD was pleased to host undergraduate master student Laerke Thorndal from Chulalongkorn University Bangkok. Laerke, ‘Lily’, as she’s known by her Thai name, is conducting her research on our community based programs and spent time in TPY, Ban Lion and BTN villages. Lily is doing research on ‘the relation between capacity building and community based tourism’. She will be returning during June or July to conclude her research, and we look forward to meeting her again and sharing the findings […]

Learn, Grow, Experience – 4th Annual Youth Seminar: October 2012

Three senior youths from Bang Soi and Ban Triem village led 14 junior youths from Ta PaeYoi and Ban Tale Nok on an interactive learning adventure by visiting different youth groups in the Andaman Region. The focus was to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences that the youth have undertaken throughout the year. The first stop was Pa Klok village where the youth learned about mangrove and sea grass conservation from local experts. The youth in Pa Klok are […]