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AD new intern introduction

Hey Everyone, My name is Deborah Herz and I am currently studying International Tourism Management in Germany in my third year. I enjoy living in natural, peaceful places and love to try out all kinds of outdoor sports like bicycling, hiking, climbing or diving.  I have been living in Southern Thailand for already two years and I can definitely say that this beautiful country with its very welcoming and friendly people has already become my second home. Due to my […]

Welcome Anne our new intern!

Hello! My name is Anne, and I am the new intern at Andaman Discoveries. I am from Germany, completing my master studies of Leisure, Tourism and Environment in the Netherlands. This is my first time in Asia, and even though I am already here for one month I am still amazed by the culture and scenery of Southern Thailand. Every day holds a new surprise! During my four months working here, I will focus on further developing the social media […]

Thank you Andaman Discoveries!

It’s the last day of my internship here and I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! The experience has been incredible and unforgettable. Although at times it was overwhelming, especially on the first few weeks of my stay, now I can definitely say that life as an Andaman Discoveries intern has been rewarding. I could not thank the amazing staff in Andaman enough for their never-ending support that helped lift me whenever I faltered (which happened quite a lot I have to admit), their patience with everything is commendable to say the least! So to the future interns, listen up, here are some handy tips for you.

Environmental Awareness Seminar

In November, two interns from Andaman Discoveries conducted a three day seminar on environmental awareness.  Students were introduced to the basics of the environment, ecosystems, interconnection of living things, waste management and the effects of pollution.  Through illustrations, comparisons and flash cards students were able to identify the different living things they see around them, positive and negative actions and ideal scenarios. Waste is an unfortunate problem in the surrounding areas of the school and students were asked how their household practices can affect […]

Welcome Noon to the AD team!

Hello! My name is Theeraya! I am studying in Tourism Management with a major in Environmental Management for Sustainable Tourism at Silpakorn University. I love travelling and learning new cultures which is why I chose to study tourism management. At Andaman Discoveries I will be participating in tours as a guide trainee with the AD staff. My hometown is Surin which is a province in the north-east of Thailand and at my hometown the culture as well as the nature and environment […]

Village Meeting in Tae Pae Yoi

Last Sunday morning the Andaman Discoveries staff and I took a boat ride to the island of Koh Phra Thong for a village meeting in Ta Pae Yoi. I don’t know if this is normal practice, but it was really nice to see the village head personally come with us to take us to the island on his boat. For me this showed how committed and enthusiastic he is to making the community based tourism (CBT) programs in Ta Pae […]

Welcome to Our New Intern!

Sawadee Kha and hello everyone! My name is Umillah Razak, a Bruneian undergraduate student from the University of Brunei Darussalam. I am now in my third year Geography and Development student with a focus on sustainable management. I am currently undergoing an internship with Andaman Discoveries for about five months from September onwards. There are people that believe that sustainable development is a myth and in today’s world to work sustainably, let alone become successful in it is a bit […]

Thank You AD Interns!

Special thank you to all of our interns for your spectacular contributions to Andaman Discoveries! It is really a team effort and all of the work from interns is much appreciated! -Kathy Stegwee, a Dutch intern from Breda University, contributed much expertise with all the details in the office and the behind the scenes work of Andaman Discoveries.  She also was able to partake in many village activities and helped to create a Koh Pratong Eco Guide. -Anna Flam, a […]

Take a walk on the wild side

Getting around in Thailand is fairly easy. Tuk-tuks, taxis and motorbike rentals are cheap and easy to find. The Thai’s acknowledge this, and therefore they consider everything further than 200 meters to be far. Have you ever asked for directions, and got the answer that the place you are looking for is “too far”, and then it turns out, it’s just a 5-min walk? This is actually a point where I recommend you not to do as the locals! As […]

Welcome Uzma!

Sawaddee kah! I am Uzma “Zeem” Daraman, a Thai undergraduate student from a small college called Grinnell College in Iowa, USA. I am passionate about development work in Thailand, which led me to major in Anthropology with a concentration on Global Development Studies. I’m currently interning with Andaman Discoveries for my concentration and I choose AD because I am impressed with the success of their community-based tourism program and because I would like to know more about the ways that […]