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Study and Service Trip Adventures

We had a stupendous season of study and service groups and specialized groups that fall into an ever growing niche of young adults and people that choose to travel with the mindset of immersing in the local culture in a sustainable way and giving back to local communities in whatever way is needed. The groups got to know the “people and the place” along the Andaman coast, relishing in an authentic experience that brings people together, creating memorable experiences that […]

Hilversum International School Study and Service Trip

For the third year in a row, Andaman Discoveries was happy to welcome back the International School Hilversum group for their annual study and service trip.   This service trip for the students focuses on community service, culture and nature.  The group of 23 from the Netherlands visited the North Andaman Coast for a ten day tour that included a night in Phuket, a homestay at Ban Talae Nok, three days at the Burmese Learning Center, and three days at Home & […]

Andaman Discoveries Volunteer Testimonial

There are certain moments that are life changing. We may not even recognize them at the time. Like the day when the guy gave you your first office job and you didn’t realize you were looking for one. Like the day you went back to college and you became addicted to knowledge and didn’t stop until you had your master’s degree. Okay, so those were a 2009, but I wasn’t sure what to think of working with the children. That […]

CAS – ‘Community and Service’ Tour

 AD was happy to welcome back the Hilversum International School for their 2014 CAS trip!   The focus of their time was to experience Thai culture and lend a helping hand to the Burmese Learning Center. The trip began with a village homestay in Ban Tale Nok where the group was welcomed by the friendly and smiling families.  The students learned about Thai Muslim culture through participating in activities like: cooking a Thai snack, net fishing at sunset on the […]

Colorado University Study Tour 2014

A group of students from the University of Colorado participated in a 5 day study tour with Andaman Discoveries in the first week of January. The goal of the tour was to learn about social and development issues in Thailand, particularly on labor and human trafficking. Led by Tui, as their guide and translator, the group was given an extensive tour of our partner communities and villages. They were briefed on the background and projects of the organization on the first […]

Japanese Study Tour: Expanding Knowledge through Shared Experience

A group of three enthusiastic Japanese Students arrived in Thailand to participate in a study tour. This is the fourth time that this great collaboration between Takashi Higashiyama and Andaman Discoveries has taken place! The goal of the tour was for the students to learn about the relief aid that took place in Thailand after the Tsunami so that they could bring this knowledge back to Japan. Andaman Discoveries shared with them about the different projects and communities we support! […]

The Relation Between Capacity Building and Community Based Tourism

AD was pleased to host undergraduate master student Laerke Thorndal from Chulalongkorn University Bangkok. Laerke, ‘Lily’, as she’s known by her Thai name, is conducting her research on our community based programs and spent time in TPY, Ban Lion and BTN villages. Lily is doing research on ‘the relation between capacity building and community based tourism’. She will be returning during June or July to conclude her research, and we look forward to meeting her again and sharing the findings […]

Hilversum CAS Trip

In February a group of 17 students from Hilversum International School in the Netherlands made a trip to Thailand to experience a Community And Service Study Tour that focused on working with local villages and projects. Some of the main tasks included reinforcing the riverbanks, conservation of the endangered water lily, building a dam at the local orphanage, and a beach clean up. The group started the Service Tour by planting reeds and building a dam in the village of […]