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Study and Service Trip Adventures

We had a stupendous season of study and service groups and specialized groups that fall into an ever growing niche of young adults and people that choose to travel with the mindset of immersing in the local culture in a sustainable way and giving back to local communities in whatever way is needed. The groups got to know the “people and the place” along the Andaman coast, relishing in an authentic experience that brings people together, creating memorable experiences that […]

Thank you Volunteers for Engaging, Integrating and Giving Back

Over the last month we have had 8 volunteers at four of our volunteer projects. The volunteers showed a willingness to adapt to the projects’ needs and integrated into the schools and the local Kuraburi community. English can be difficult subject for Thai students to tackle, often times leaving them extremely shy and scared to try and speak. Volunteers quickly break down these barriers by doing interactive and activity based English lessons.  Why is this important? Students are tested on […]

Burmese Learning Center Student Outreach

Ready to Learn Andaman Discoveries staff member, Lindsey, headed out with the Foundation for Education and Development staff to conduct outreach with the local Burmese Community. We wanted to register returning students and also new students. It is always the perfect opportunity to network with the Burmese families, build trust and support for our cause.  The best way to understand the students and their families is to see where they are living and what they are doing and it makes […]

Volunteer Impact

Over the last six months Andaman Discoveries has seen a total of 13 volunteers at our 6 projects. Volunteer project coordinators continue to show their enthusiasm to host volunteers as the schools do not have the financial means to hire a western speaking teacher. They often times comment that the student’s English comprehension is extremely low, especially with conservation and contextual understanding. This makes the students often times shy and they have low confidence when trying to speak English. Volunteers […]

NAN Foundation Spotlight: Education for Success

Burmese Learning Center Doors Will Stay Open, Thanks To Your Kind Donations It was because of everyone’s generous spirit and determination to give these children a chance at a better future that the doors are open for another year, allowing us the time to search out long term donors and sponsorship. The Burmese learning Center offers an integral social service to the local Burmese community. So trust us when we say, your donations are going to a well-rounded center that […]

BLC Update

The Learning Center currently has 62 kids receiving an education to improve their lives and build their confidence in creating a sustainable future for themselves.  At the center, there is also a nursery that hosts 11 children who are able to participate in fun and positive activities to stimulate their young minds.  This year, we are looking at outreaching to the local Burmese Community to begin small projects and make the connection between the Burmese Learning Center and the children’s […]

COOL Donation to the BLC!

New fans in the classrooms are helping to keep the teachers and students at the Burmese Learning Center cool during these hot dry months!  The North Andaman Network Foundation and Andaman Discoveries allocated funds from the ‘BLC Fund’ to purchase and make a donation to the BLC of 10 new rotation wall fans for the classrooms.  Many thanks to the people who have made a donation to the BLC Fund!  The teachers and students installed the fans themselves, which was […]

Clean Teeth At BLC From Service Tour!

The students at the BLC are now brushing their teeth each afternoon thanks to The Hilversum International School! This group of high school students came to the center as part of their study and service tour this past February.  After only one day at the center, they realized that many of the children eat sweets after lunch and have rotting teeth.  The decided to initiate an additional project to focus on dental hygiene at the school, and make a lasting […]

Andaman Discoveries Volunteer Testimonial

There are certain moments that are life changing. We may not even recognize them at the time. Like the day when the guy gave you your first office job and you didn’t realize you were looking for one. Like the day you went back to college and you became addicted to knowledge and didn’t stop until you had your master’s degree. Okay, so those were a 2009, but I wasn’t sure what to think of working with the children. That […]

Hydroponic Garden at the Burmese Learning Center

The children at the Burmese Learning Center can now study plant biology and food production using the example of a hydroponic garden. With the help of the YouthLinc volunteer groups in June and July, the setup was successfully installed in the schoolyard. A group of teachers and students also took a trip to the Home&Life orphanage south of Khao Lak to learn about the essentials of hydroponics and get some practical advice. The orphanage works with this type of garden […]