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Koh Surin Moken Tour Success

For this second season, we sent a staggering 39 tours and a total of 117 guests to participate in the Koh Surin Moken Program.  This unique private program allows guests to interactively experience the beauty of Koh Surin through the eyes of the Moken by having a private guide and participating in cultural activities like walking a nature trail, learning to spear fish and rowing a tradition row boat carved from a single tree.  It was a joy to see […]

Andaman Discoveries Scholarship Program

Andaman Discoveries started a scholarship program after the 2004 Tsunami. The program started with 214 students, and up to now 53 students are still following the program. Some students that graduated came back to teach at their local school sharing their gift of education with the children. For example, Wilansinee ‘’Klang’’ Klathalay is teaching at Koh Surin School and Supaporn ‘’Kai’’ Mardmun is teaching at Ban Talae Nok School. Most of the students are currently still following higher education. With […]