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My first homestay experience

Last week I had the opportunity to come along on one of the tours of Andaman Discoveries. A family of three from Canada had booked the Moken immersion tour for 3 days and two nights so I joined Noon and the family on this trip. I am so thankful that I was able to join them and experience a homestay for the first time in my life. Moken Immersion The tour we went on is called “Moken immersion” and takes you […]

Children’s Day

Children’s Day (Wan Dek) celebrations are an annual Thai tradition. It’s a day for the adults in the community to show their love for all the children. Andaman Discoveries recently attended three local Children’s Day celebrations: Ban Talae Nok Ban Talae Nok School was filled with fun and laughter during their annual Children’s Day celebration. The students played fun games and performed songs and dances on the stage throughout the day. The celebrations brought presents and smiles to all the […]

Youth guide training at Ta Pae Yoi School

The palms were swaying and the water of the inner Andaman sea was churning under a strong wind as 33 students from Kiet Pra Cha school in Tapaeyoi village assembled in the cool morning air for a day-long “Young Guides of Koh PhraTong” training.  Students’ ages covered a wide range, and English skills and knowledge of the island’s ecology were similarly disparate, but all students brought with them an interest in their island home, bolstered by that playful, bubbly energy inherent in […]

News Features on Andaman Discoveries!

AD is proud to have been featured in some top publication over the last few months!  Thank you to Susan Smilie, Cat Vinton, Noel van Bemmel and Julius Schophoff for your interest and support of our programs! The Guardian AD is very proud to have been featured in the Guardian with two separate articles!  Many thanks to Susan Smillie for her visit to the North Andaman Coast and her interest in Andaman Discoveries programs, especially the work she has done […]

Silent Waters – Tsunami Documentary

As the ten year anniversary of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami approaches many will remember this event and how it effected the lives of millions of people.  Film maker, Mike Thomas, has chosen to focus on Koh Phratong for this tsunami documentary and how ten years on this island community is still effected. Slient Waters – Tsunami Ten Years On Andaman Discoveries is happy to help support Mike’s work ‘Silent Waters’and is hoping that our community can help him raise funds […]

Mangrove Planting on Koh Phrathong!

Mangrove conservation on Koh Phra Thong and Koh Ra Everything seems quiet and empty at first, it is low tide and only a gentle breeze whistles through evergreen leaves. But then a closer look at the muddy ground reveals a hectic bustle of hundreds of small crabs scavenging for food and digging holes in breathtaking speed. Mudskippers hop around in the shallow water and large sea birds circle over the tree tops. The mangrove swamps along Thailand’s Andaman coast are […]

Khao Sok Lake Volunteers visit Kuraburi!

Two volunteers helping in the Khao Sok Lake office took the time to come visit Andaman Discoveries last month!  This trip was meant to help them become familiar with our community based tourism style! As the first volunteers for Andaman Discoveries Ta Khun, we had the great opportunity to go and visit two homestays in Kho Phra Thong and Ban Talae Nok as well as to see the Moken village on the Surin Islands. After those six days of intensive […]

Thai Yoga Massage Returns

Integral Travel 5th Thai Yoga Massage Tour! Andaman Discovers was proud to host the group from integral Travel for the fifth year! The group of 9 visited the North Andaman Coast, as part of a two month tour, to practice traditional Thai massage and Yoga while enjoying the culture and nature of this special corner of Thailand. After spending a week on the lush island of Koh RA at the eco-lodge, the group took a longtail boat ride over to […]

Thai Culture Connection!

In early March, Andaman Discoveries, was happy to welcome our first Thai group for a Koh Phratong tour!  This group of 16 came from Talaysap, Chumphon, Nicole’s Peace Corps site,  to visit a new place in Thailand and explore the nature of their country.  The tour started in the Kuraburi morning market with rice soup and snacks, lead by a trip to the Phrathong warship that was previously docked at the Tung La Ong Pier.  Although most of the group […]

Local Guide Training on Koh Phrathong

In February, Pi Nat and Noon from Andaman Discoveries went to Ban Ta Pae Yoi to offer a guide training to the community tourism group.   Local guides, homestay hosts and youths who were interested in being a local guide participated over the two day training.  The objective of the training was to practice the guiding skills and hosting when taking care of the guests in the village. The first  day  focused on tips for being a guide,  roles of the […]