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AD Staff Capacity Development

Guiding the Blind Last week Pi Bee and Noon followed a tour guide training in Ayutthaya. This training was focused on teaching guides how to work with blind tourists. The training was held from the 19th until the 21st of June. The Thai Research Fund (TRF) hosted the event in cooperation with the Thai Responsible Tourist Association (TRTA), Nutty’s adventures, Seable and the Thailand association of the blind. Every tour guide in Thailand who was interested could join the three day program. […]

AD Staff Community Involvement Spotlight: Get Out and Give Back!

We are all familiar with sitting in the office and getting things done, but we strive to get out and check in with our community friends. Pi Nat and Pi Tui attended Da Luang’s annual Waterlilly conservation day in Kuraburi.  Da Luang is a an older Kuraburi Local who has set up a natural nursery and conservation area for the endangered Water Lilly that was wiped out due to river bed dredging. His passion and devotion to the project allows […]

Youth guide training at Ta Pae Yoi School

The palms were swaying and the water of the inner Andaman sea was churning under a strong wind as 33 students from Kiet Pra Cha school in Tapaeyoi village assembled in the cool morning air for a day-long “Young Guides of Koh PhraTong” training.  Students’ ages covered a wide range, and English skills and knowledge of the island’s ecology were similarly disparate, but all students brought with them an interest in their island home, bolstered by that playful, bubbly energy inherent in […]

Surin Moken Experience Update

“A Season of Success”   The Surin Moken Experience tour, which began last year, saw seven different groups this season! This new and exciting program highlights the many interesting aspects of the Moken culture on Koh Surin. Guests are able to experience Koh Surin through the eyes of the Moken by actively engaging in activities chosen by the Moken to share with guests and continue the knowledge of their culture. Here you can snorkel in the turquoise waters with your […]

Local Guide Training on Koh Phrathong

In February, Pi Nat and Noon from Andaman Discoveries went to Ban Ta Pae Yoi to offer a guide training to the community tourism group.   Local guides, homestay hosts and youths who were interested in being a local guide participated over the two day training.  The objective of the training was to practice the guiding skills and hosting when taking care of the guests in the village. The first  day  focused on tips for being a guide,  roles of the […]

Ban Tale Nok Guide Training

Ban Tale Nok village, one of the longest running villages to work with Andaman Discoveries, received an interactive guide training to renew and revamp their skills. There was a mix between old guides and students that are interested in developing guide skills to help the community based tourism group in their village. The guides were given tips on how to better interact and convey information to the guests staying in their village so that everybody has a meaningful and hands […]

My first homestay experience

This weekend I went to the little muslim village of Ban Talae Nok ,with my colleagues, for village guide training.  Ban Talae Nok is a small, coastal village with about 200 inhabitants where Andaman Discoveries is hosting community-based tourism with a homestay programs. We arrived late in the evening, settled in our house, and held a meeting with the village’s tourism group. Unfortunately, as I don’t speak Thai, I could not understand what was being said in the meeting, but […]