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Study and Service Trip Adventures

We had a stupendous season of study and service groups and specialized groups that fall into an ever growing niche of young adults and people that choose to travel with the mindset of immersing in the local culture in a sustainable way and giving back to local communities in whatever way is needed. The groups got to know the “people and the place” along the Andaman coast, relishing in an authentic experience that brings people together, creating memorable experiences that […]

Sustainability Matters

Andaman Discoveries strives to stay and evolve as a sustainable tour operator. One way of doing this is by looking at certifications that holds us to a high standard. We are currently a partner of Travelife and just submitted our Travelife certification application. The next step will be to have an audit in the office to ensure that we are following all the criteria and also have an action plan set in place to continuously improve our standards. It has […]

AD in the Community

Pi Tui, Pi Nat and Bang Hem from the community tourism team in Ban Talae Nok headed to Koh Yao Yai community based tourism training in partnership with IUCN. The community on Koh Yao Yai would like to open a homestay program and IUCN invited AD and Bang Hem to train them and have an open discussion about how to succeed in running a sustainable community based tourism program.  The first day was focused on introducing the principles of CBT […]

See You Next Season Koh Surin

Thank you Moken Tourism Team Andaman Discoveries staff headed out for the close of the season meeting with the Moken Tourism Team. We gather feedback forms from guests throughout the season to share with the team and make plans for the next season. It has been inspirational to see the Moken develop their own voice for their group, speaking openly about their concerns, hopes and positive aspects of participating in the programs. It is becoming a clear trend that the […]

Your Impact

As a Guest of Andaman Discoveries, you are directly supporting projects of our North Andaman Network Foundation. Fifty percent of Andaman Discoveries profits are given back to the NAN foundation and also donations that rebuilt into the program pricing. These projects make a difference in the lives of our local community projects and community members because they are things that are valued by these people as a way to have better lives. Take a look at how you have helped […]

AD Staff Community Involvement Spotlight: Get Out and Give Back!

We are all familiar with sitting in the office and getting things done, but we strive to get out and check in with our community friends. Pi Nat and Pi Tui attended Da Luang’s annual Waterlilly conservation day in Kuraburi.  Da Luang is a an older Kuraburi Local who has set up a natural nursery and conservation area for the endangered Water Lilly that was wiped out due to river bed dredging. His passion and devotion to the project allows […]

Homestay Program Spotlight: Tung Dap Village

It is only fitting to recognize Tung Dap Village Homestay program on Koh Phrathong Island as an outstanding and unforgettable experience. Awarded the winner of the 2016 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations, this village offers not only a cultural eco- experience but also a journey of sustainability, allowing guests to truly see the value in low impact travel! The village is showing extreme enthusiasm and confidence after winning the award. More villagers are showing interest in joining the homestay group and […]

Deep South Exploration

View from mountain at our homestay in thailand in Yala

Andaman Discoveries traveled down to the deep south of Thailand to explore the options of developing new tours and projects with the local communities. We were astonished to find a region full of undiscovered natural beauty, heartwarming hospitality and the freshest dishes of the country’s famous cuisine. Our exploration started in the region of Sai Khao, Pattani. After a warm welcome by the local community we learned about their efforts of building up a community based tourism group within their […]

Volunteers Experience!

We would never have guessed that we could get so much appreciation and learn so much in only 5 weeks! We were privilaged to volunteer at the Bankura School in Kuraburi, where we taught English to the children. We noticed that the lessons are given by a government issued live broadcast instead of a teacher who explains everything. On one side that is good, because the children can always follow class (sometimes the teachers are gone). On the other side […]

News Features on Andaman Discoveries!

AD is proud to have been featured in some top publication over the last few months!  Thank you to Susan Smilie, Cat Vinton, Noel van Bemmel and Julius Schophoff for your interest and support of our programs! The Guardian AD is very proud to have been featured in the Guardian with two separate articles!  Many thanks to Susan Smillie for her visit to the North Andaman Coast and her interest in Andaman Discoveries programs, especially the work she has done […]