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Study and Service Groups

Get out, Give back and travel with a purpose! We would like to thank all of the groups that participated in study and service trips this year. You are all an inspiration and make Andaman Discoveries’ purpose and mission exceed expectations. You help not only the communities in Thailand, but also spread the word on sustainable travel when you return to your countries. We hope that planting these seeds of meaningful stories and connections will allow for more people to […]

Volunteer Impact

Over the last six months Andaman Discoveries has seen a total of 13 volunteers at our 6 projects. Volunteer project coordinators continue to show their enthusiasm to host volunteers as the schools do not have the financial means to hire a western speaking teacher. They often times comment that the student’s English comprehension is extremely low, especially with conservation and contextual understanding. This makes the students often times shy and they have low confidence when trying to speak English. Volunteers […]

Thailand Green Excellence Award

Community Based Tourism Category Andaman Discoveries has been awarded the winner of the 2016 Thailand Green Excellence award in the Community Based Tourism Category.  We have now won this award in three categories, previously winning in the Volunteer and Tour operator category, proving that our organization is a well rounded and sustainable tourism operator. The criteria focused specifically on the community based tourism programs that we offer. They make sure that the tourism experience is being managed by the local […]

National Geographic World Legacy Awards

Engaging Communities Category We are pleased to announce that Andaman Discoveries is a Finalist for the National Geographic world Legacy Awards in the Engaging Communities Category.  The award criteria highlights that Andaman Discoveries is continuously “Recognizing direct and tangible economic and social benefits that improve local livelihoods, including training and capacity building, fair wages and benefits, community development, health care, and education.” Awards are a spectacular way to monitor and engage in better practices within an organization and allow for […]

Volunteer experiences!

Don’t dream your life.……Live your dreams! Hans & Shahide We are a couple and we live in Holland. For a long time we had the urge to go abroad for a volunteer project. This is the first time we could realize this cherished wish.  For 8 weeks we were at the Tung rak School in the south of Thailand. We prepared our trip with the local organisation Pure! and Andaman Discoveries in Thailand, Kuraburi. The need for the project was to […]

Youth guide training at Ta Pae Yoi School

The palms were swaying and the water of the inner Andaman sea was churning under a strong wind as 33 students from Kiet Pra Cha school in Tapaeyoi village assembled in the cool morning air for a day-long “Young Guides of Koh PhraTong” training.  Students’ ages covered a wide range, and English skills and knowledge of the island’s ecology were similarly disparate, but all students brought with them an interest in their island home, bolstered by that playful, bubbly energy inherent in […]

Volunteers Experience!

We would never have guessed that we could get so much appreciation and learn so much in only 5 weeks! We were privilaged to volunteer at the Bankura School in Kuraburi, where we taught English to the children. We noticed that the lessons are given by a government issued live broadcast instead of a teacher who explains everything. On one side that is good, because the children can always follow class (sometimes the teachers are gone). On the other side […]

Youthlinc Service at BLC

Andaman Discoveries was happy to help support the work of two separate groups of Youthlinc volunteers from Utah, USA at the Burmese Learning Center!  In both June and July, groups of 40 volunteers and team leaders came to Kuraburi to work hard on different construction projects, teaching English, as well as occupational and health skills to the local community.  Thanks to the help of the Rotary Patong , AD was able to  work along with Youthlinc and donated over 600 hours […]