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Inspiring Parents

parents survey in kuraburi for the burmese learning center kuraburi

A child’s drive for education stems from their family environment and the encouragement that they receive from their parents. We headed out into the community with surveys in hand to better understand the parent’s role in their child’s education and the role that the Burmese Learning Center plays in helping to accomplish the goals for their children in the future. We found that parents noticed their children were beginning to talk more about their experience at the Burmese Learning Center […]

A New Year, A new Beginning!

Chidren studying at Migrant Education Program Kuraburi, Phang Nga

The first week of school at the Burmese Learning Center was full of smiling and laughing children! It was wonderful to see returning students and also new faces that are ready to begin their education journey. With a new opportunity to build a better future, the students were eager to begin learning their Thai, Burmese and English curriculum. After the first week, there are officially 74 students registered and an average attendance rate of 65. A lot of the new students […]

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

student enrollment for burmese migrant children education center kuraburi

Andaman Discoveries staff continues contribution to the wonderful cause of the Burmese Learning Center financially with our North Andaman Network Foundation and through staff time and support. Andaman Discoveries, the Foundation for Education and Development, and the Burmese Learning Center Teachers headed out into the local Burmese Community to begin student recruitment for the 2016-2017 school year. We surveyed 6 communities handing out brochures and giving information about the Burmese Learning Center to the parents of perspective students. The communities are […]

Burmese Learning Centre Experience

Yesterday, Noon and I went to Burmese Learning Center for a visit. It was my first time visiting them. The school is very colorful thanks to the help of the YOUTHLINC volunteers last June and July. It has made the school such an inviting place for the children to play and learn! The students are Burmese migrant children and they hardly speak Thai or English. So, communication was a barrier between me and the children. However, that did not stop me […]