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Homestay Experience Ban Talae Nok

My internship at Andaman Discoveries will almost come to an end. In this blog post I would like to tell you about my last homestay in Ban Talae Nok. I joined two sisters from England who had booked a three day, 2 night tour. I thoroughly enjoyed my second homestay experience and would like to tell you why! The food I can be short about my relationship with food: I just love eating 😉 I love trying new food that is […]

AD Staff Capacity Development

Guiding the Blind Last week Pi Bee and Noon followed a tour guide training in Ayutthaya. This training was focused on teaching guides how to work with blind tourists. The training was held from the 19th until the 21st of June. The Thai Research Fund (TRF) hosted the event in cooperation with the Thai Responsible Tourist Association (TRTA), Nutty’s adventures, Seable and the Thailand association of the blind. Every tour guide in Thailand who was interested could join the three day program. […]

Children’s Day

Children’s Day (Wan Dek) celebrations are an annual Thai tradition. It’s a day for the adults in the community to show their love for all the children. Andaman Discoveries recently attended three local Children’s Day celebrations: Ban Talae Nok Ban Talae Nok School was filled with fun and laughter during their annual Children’s Day celebration. The students played fun games and performed songs and dances on the stage throughout the day. The celebrations brought presents and smiles to all the […]

Andaman Discoveries Volunteer Testimonial

There are certain moments that are life changing. We may not even recognize them at the time. Like the day when the guy gave you your first office job and you didn’t realize you were looking for one. Like the day you went back to college and you became addicted to knowledge and didn’t stop until you had your master’s degree. Okay, so those were a 2009, but I wasn’t sure what to think of working with the children. That […]

Ban Talae Nok Homestay Experience

Swimming in the Gam Island is definitely my most precious memory in Ban Talae Nok. Among all memories, this particular experience is very exciting and challenging for me. The water in the Island was so beautiful; I couldn’t resist myself to take this opportunity to snorkel. I have to say, I am ZERO in my swimming skills. Hence, I was a little scared because the water looked so deep and I kept having this mindset that I will sink even […]

Ban Tale Nok Guide Training

Ban Tale Nok village, one of the longest running villages to work with Andaman Discoveries, received an interactive guide training to renew and revamp their skills. There was a mix between old guides and students that are interested in developing guide skills to help the community based tourism group in their village. The guides were given tips on how to better interact and convey information to the guests staying in their village so that everybody has a meaningful and hands […]