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The hippies are working!

Welcome to the world of Teknomadics web design and interactive marketing.

We are very excited about starting work with your website! Here is what we are going to do:

x Re-design Assessment (click to next slide)
x Design & Framework Development (click to next slide)
> Buildout (in progress)

  • 8.11 – 1:46 AM. (just added a few new screen shots! – click to next slide)
    • We’ve pushed the Testing and QA until after the holiday weekend/Lilia’s apartment moving. Please stay tuned for updates next week! (You’ll all be on vacation somewhere anyway and not QA’ing!)

– Testing/QA I
– SEO & Google Optimization
– Final Testing
– Soft Launch
– Launch – “Full on all the way across the web!”

But until launch…Patience please!

These things take time, yo!


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