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Moken Sailing Boat – Koh Ra

Enjoy a relaxing day on board a traditional Moken sailing boat called a “Kabang”. Ride through the mangrove forest and onto the lush jungle Island of Koh Ra where you will stop at a peaceful beach to enjoy lunch.Rest, relax and swim in the beautiful waters of the Andaman Coast. Have the chance to see your Moken guide raise the sail of the traditional houseboat and relax as you gently sail across the sea.  Help conserve the Moken’s unique culture by your participation in this private tour

Meet Mr.Jao Klatalae

Mr.Jao Klatalae

Moken Sailing Boat traditionally,the Moken Sea Gypsies traveled to coastal and island areas in the Mergui Archipelago by their “kabang” (houseboat). It served both as a home anda way to travel from island to island. They would spend seven months fishing during the dry season and take refuge on land during the monsoon in coastal communities like Bak Jok. The French anthropologist, Jacques Ivanoff, once said that the kabang is a symbolic embodiment of a human being: with mouth, organs,and spirit.

Mr. Jao Klatalae, a master craftsman at making the traditional houseboat “Kabang”is instrumental in the preservation of this unique craft and cultural heritage of his people. He is influential in teaching younger generations about the history and how to construct the traditional houseboat “Kabang” to ensure that this important element of his culture is not lost in the future. He also runs a small co-operative of carving miniature traditional houseboats “Kabang”. The co-operative was started after the 2004 Tsunami to give his local people a supplemental source of income and to teach them how to craft the traditional house boats “Kabang.”  He agreed to teach those members of the community who were interested. Now, members are able to earn income practicing an art form that was in danger of becoming extinct. Last year, he built a traditional houseboat ”Kabang.” With the help of his sons and other Moken villagers, he was able to bring his miniature models to life and teach a new generation of Moken the steps of building a full size boat. Now that it is complete, he wishes to share its beauty with interested and respectful guests as a way to bring in supplemental income to his family.

A day with Moken Sailing Boat

Mr Jao on Kabang Boat

Meet your Andaman Discoveries translator at your hotel  in Khao Lak area, Transfer to Chai Pattana Village and meet your Moken guide to go over the program, 
Hop on the traditional Moken House boat“Kabang” and begin your journey through the mangrove forest and to the lush jungle island of Koh Ra 
Enjoy a local Thai picnic lunch and BBQ on the beach at Koh Rah   
Rest, relax and swim in the beautiful water of the Andaman Coast 
Transfer back to Chai Pattana Village on the traditional Moken Houseboat “Kabang” and then back to your hotel in Khao Lak by van 
Morning Or Afternoon-Moken guide will decide
Have the chance to see your Moken guide raise the sail of the traditional houseboat and relax as you gently sail across the sea(weather permitting)