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Koh Kho Khao Homestay

Step back in time and experience eco-adventure with the Koh Kho Khao Community Tourism Group! Located just north of Khao Lak, the Kho Khao Island offers historic sites, homestays and eco tours activities like kayaking and bird watching in its beautiful nature. The long stretch of beach has been minimally touched by mass tourism and still offers a chance to experience the beach the local way by fishing and collecting a local vegetable. The villagers on the islands seek to protect their abundant natural resources and peaceful ambiance, and therefore developed a community based tourism group to achieve sustainable tourism development that is in harmony with the conservation of the environment.


Sample of 3 Day Koh Kho Khao Tour:

Day 1 – Cultural Exchange

  • Hop on a local long-tail boat to Koh Kho Khao Island
  • Stop by the “ancient city” to learn about the area’s rich history and visit the the local museum and community tourism center. Take a walking tour of Tung Tuk and explore artifacts and the ruins of ancient temples
  • Learn about the abundant edible vegetables, flowers, and spices as you collect some for your delicious lunch
  • Head out to the beach by motorcycle with side car and take part in a livelihood activity and learn about local Thai fishing techniques

Day 2 – Natural Wonders

  • Transfer by side car to the pier where you will take off on a kayak and hiking adventure to the historic site at Pranoer Hill
  • Paddle across the channel and into the dense mangrove forest surrounding this area
  • Hike to the top of the hill to see the monument and majestic view of the mangrove forest and the islands
  • Participate in a livelihood activity with your homestay hosts by learning to weave leaves of the pandus plant to make traditional place mats that you can take home
  • Visit the long stretch of undeveloped beach to swim, explore the tidal pools, and learn about the different edible vegetables and crustaceans
  • Learn about Thai cooking from your expert homestay hosts as you prepare food together using some of the homegrown vegetables and spices from the garden

Day 3 – Village Life

  • Enjoy coffee and a Thai breakfast snack by the freshwater pond, while you spot various types of birds
  • Take a bike ride to an elevated nature trail that travels about 7 kilometers through the mangrove forest to the sea
  • After lunch, transfer to Andaman Discoveries’ office for debriefing

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