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Khao Sok National park the older and more diverse than the Amazon rainforest, Khao Sok is the largest virgin rainforest in southern of Thailand, your adventure starts with a glide gently downstream on the traditional bamboo raft, meet the local at Rung Fah Farm stay and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs from organic garden then learn to cooking Thai feast using traditional local methods and ingredients. spend the night at one with nature, in a traditional hand build bamboo cabin on the edge of the jungle.

Koh Kor Khao is a true hidden gem in the Andaman Sea, with some of the most beautiful beach in Thailand, the island has a rich history dating back over 3000 years, this was a key stopping point and trading centre on the “Maritime Silk Route”  precious stones, spices, jewels and handicrafts from all over the world came through this quiet conner of the Andaman Sea. Experience island life, enjoy the best of the hidden paradise.

Phuket secret island Ao Yon was recently voted one of the best beaches on Phuket Island, off the beaten track but still very accessible, set apart from the busier area of the island, the Mooring resort is a luxurious end to your trip.




  • Traditional Local Life – Become a part of the family and experience local life.
  • Jungle Cooking class – From farm to table at Rung Fah Farm Stay
  • Khao Sok Safari – Trek through one of the oldest and most diverse jungles in the world.
  • Island Adventure – Explore the hidden gems of the Andaman Sea.
  • Secret Islands – Explore one of Thailand’s most beautiful undiscovered island.
  • Island Life – Relax with the sound of the waves on your own tropical island paradise.

Trip Description: 

Day 1 Khao Sok Adventure and Farm stay (L, D)

Discover southern Thailand’s hidden corners with your very own personal adventure.

Your adventure starts with a drive up to the Khao Sok national park. Khao Sok in Surat Thani province is the largest rainforest in southern Thailand. The jungles here outdate the Amazon rainforest, and are even more diverse.

Bamboo rafts have been used to transport people and goods along the rivers here for centuries. As you glide gently downstream, you will be amazed by the breath-taking natural beauty of the Sok river. 

The cliffs that rise up on either side form a stunning backdrop, while birds and other animals can be spotted regularly. 

Once your raft comes to rest on one of the sandy banks, there is plenty of time to enjoy the views and refresh yourself with some “jungle coffee” brewed in a piece of bamboo. 

From the river, it is just a short walk through the cave to the other side of the cliffs. The caves here are part of an ancient temple. Our guide will show you around and explain the central role the temples traditionally played in the local culture. 

After stopping for lunch, it is just a short drive to meet Mr. Yoo and his family at their house on the edge of the rainforest. After a very warm welcome, the family will show you around their home and your host family Mr. Yoo will help you harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs from his organic gardens on the edge of the jungle. He will explain their traditional and modern day uses.

Once you have collected everything you need, it is time to help the family prepare dinner. Everybody joins in while Mr. Yoo and his family help you prepare a delicious Thai feast using traditional local methods, and ingredients.

Your first night will be spent at one with nature, in a hand-built bamboo cabin on the edge of the jungle. Bamboo has been a traditional building material around the world for thousands of years. It is the oldest and fastest growing grass in the world, making a truly sustainable resource. 

The cabins are designed to be cool and comfortable. With mosquito nets to ensure you get a peaceful night’s sleep. Each cabin is equipped with a fan, an en-suite toilet and shower room for your comfort and convenience. 

Overnight at Rung Fah Farm Stay

Day 2 Khao Sok to Koh Kor Khao (B)

In the morning, Mr Yoo will guide you on a walking safari as the early morning mist rises from the jungle covered mountains. This is the time of day where you are most likely to see some of the exotic wildlife that the Khao Sok national park is famous for. The walk takes you through lush rainforest and past picturesque jungle streams. 

After breakfast and a final farewell to Mr. Yoo and his family, it is time to head to your next destination.

Transfer from Khao Sok to Baan Nam Khem pier it is about a 1-hour drive. Here one of the local ferry men will be waiting to take you across to the beautiful island of Koh Kho Khao. 

Koh Kho Khao is a true hidden gem in the Andaman Sea, with friendly people, sweeping grasslands and some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. 

Your hosts on the island are Nong and Saii, the friendly owners of Hapla Beach Resort.

Hapla Beach provides basic, barefoot luxury. The traditional styled bungalows are right on the beach. Saii and Nong are two of the friendliest people in the world. Sunset cocktails on the beach are the perfect way to end the day and are not to be missed!

Overnight at Hapla Beach Resort.

Day 3 Koh Kor Khao (B)

The next day is your chance to experience island life first hand. Jump on a local long-tail boat with Nong and Saii to explore Koh Kho Khao and the neighboring islands of Koh Pra Thong and Koh Pling. 

These stunning islands are all but untouched by the usual tourist trails. Many of the people living on these islands are descended from the ancient coastal communities and sea gypsies. Life on the islands goes at its own pace. 

Enjoy the best of what this hidden paradise has to offer. Once you see the stunning golden beaches, you won’t want to leave. Depending on the tides and weather conditions, it is sometimes possible to snorkel or join the locals collecting shellfish. 

Nong, Saii and their team love to share their home and traditions with visitors. One of the highlights of the day is a delicious Robinson Crusoe style barbeque on the beach before heading back to the resort. 

After a night with the waves lapping softly at the shore, it is time to see a bit more of the island.

You can choose to either explore the mangrove forests on the eastern side of the island by kayak with some of the local villagers. Or join Nong for a drive around the island in his traditional local style taxi.

Overnight at Hapla Beach resort

Day 4 – 5 (Extended program to Phuket secret beach) (B)

When the time comes to say goodbye and head back to the mainland, our driver will be waiting for you at Baan Nam Khem Pier then transfer to Secret Island Phuket.

Panwa Cape is at the southern tip of Phuket Island. Set apart from the busier areas of the island, the Mooring Resort is a luxurious climax to your trip. The modern and tastefully decorated rooms are laid out on the hillside overlooking a beautiful beach. Several smaller islands are clearly visible as you gaze out to sea or relax in the generously sized pool. 

There are several fantastic restaurants nearby, and for those who are missing the hustle and bustle the shopping areas, the old town and the party areas are just a short taxi ride away.

12.00 pm check out, end of program.


What includes:
  • Private land transfer and island 
  • Long tail boat 
  • Accommodation Khaosok 1 night, Koh Kor Khao, 2 nights and extension Phuket 1 night.
  • English speaking guide
  • Food as mention in the program
  • Local guide
  • Activities as mention in the program
  • Travel insurance
  • TAX
What's to bring?
  • Refillable bottle water
  • Quick dry clothing and swimming suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera and battery charger