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CAS – ‘Community and Service’ Tour

 AD was happy to welcome back
the Hilversum International School for their 2014 CAS trip!


driving the long tail boat

driving the long tail boat

The focus of their time was to experience Thai culture and lend a helping hand to the Burmese Learning Center. The trip began with a village homestay in Ban Tale Nok where the group was welcomed by the friendly and smiling families.  The students learned about Thai Muslim culture through participating in activities like: cooking a Thai snack, net fishing at sunset on the beach and weaving roof panels made out of Nippa Palm Leaves and discussion on Islam in Thailand. One day the students hopped on a longtail boat for a trip out to the Gam Islands only 10 km from the village for snorkeling and a picnic lunch in the undeveloped surroundings. The time spent allowed for cross cultural exchange between the village and the students!

making thai snack

making thai snack

The Hilversum group CAS activities took place at the Burmese Learning Center in Kuraburi.  This small center provides education to 50 Burmese children who otherwise do not have access to the Thai school system.  Here the Dutch students with the help of the BLC students and staff created a recycle bank, painted the kitchen building, and made murals on the window coverings.  The Burmese Learning Center continues to develop into a healthy learning environment with the help of groups like Hilversum!

painting the wall

painting the wall

The final service work was held at Home and Life Foundation, which provides for 25 children whose families are unable to care for them.  The group assisted with projects that help with the organic garden, river bank retention and hydroponics garden!  The nights were spent camping at the beautiful Tai Mueang National Park.  The trip gave the Hilversum students a well-rounded view of Thailand and the beauty it has to offer.


Here is what some of the students had to say:


“Andaman Discoveries study tour gave me a new and inspiring view on Thailand. I went to places I would have never come to on my own.”

“I learned so much about the culture and country of Thailand. I met the most amazing people at the homestay and Burmese Learning Center, it was an unforgettable experience.

“I loved the homestay! The family was lovely and they treated us well. My favorite part of the trip was the Burmese Learning Center. I loved the kids and that I was able to put smiles on their faces.”

“The kids at Home and Life orphanage and the Burmese Learning Center made me feel  like I was changing lives-it was a fantastic experience”

“ I loved this trip. It opened my eyes to a whole different experience.”

–          Hilversum Students


2 Responses to “CAS – ‘Community and Service’ Tour”

  1. Leung Kwok Keung says:

    Dear sirs.

    We are an IB school in HK. Every year, we will organize CAS tour to my students in Asia. Originally we have a tour to Bali and do some services there. But due to the increasing student’s population, we need to develop one more tour for my students. Our target is Thailand, looks for something environmentally friendly tour, ecotour, or sustainable tour, involving culture discovery, people with people interaction and services program.

    We expect, in the coming year, we have at least 25 students demand for this type of CAS tour.
    Can I have more information about your tour in Thailand.

    From KK
    HKCCCU Logos Academy

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