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Updates from the Andaman Coast!

Underwater Exploration in Eco-Friendly Ways!

With Support from the North Andaman Network Foundation (NAN) and Department of Marine and Coastal Resources ( DMCR) , our Volunteer Aey and Noon travelled to Koh Tao Island as Green Fins Assessor’s to conducted the green fins assessment and to present the best practices on how  to protect and conserve coral reefs by following  Green  Fines Environmentally Friendly guidelines to diving and snorkeling shop.  During the Assessment, Noon also participated in the Dive controller training course organized by the department of […]

Old Town Phuket

The Heart of Phuket Island Andaman Discoveries staff Pi Tui and Lindsey headed to Phuket Old town with University professors and researchers to look at the local community group doing half day community based tourism programs in Old Town Phuket. It was immediately clear that this proud and historically rich community group understands how community based tourism can protect cultural heritage and also create a clean, sustainable environment for their local community. When speaking with our local guide, a third […]

Thank you Study and Service Groups

We had another inspirational season of study and service groups and specialized groups that fall into an ever growing niche of young adults and people that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone to learn about the local culture in a sustainable way. It is also becoming popular to give back when travelling and we are happy to facilitate meaningful, sustainable and positive service projects for groups, always ensuring that projects fulfill the direct needs of our local […]

Responsible Tourism Training at Klong Nang Yon Community Enterprise

Last weekend Tui and Noon gave a presentation to the Klong Nang Yon community enterprise which is part of the Destination Development project by Prince Of Songkla University, Suratthani Campus.  5 local business group members such as Homestay, Bamboo Rafting, Boat rafting, Restaurant and Resort were participated in the meeting. They are interested in learning about responsible tourism. At the meeting, we discussed abouhow to be a good interpreter, Principle & guidelines for a successful community development and how to […]

Moken Village Fire Update

Check out the latest news from the Moken village and how you can help with long term relief aid efforts

Guidebooks As Travel Resources

We are pleased to be featured in a great guide book that features how to’s, best destinations and travel tips for Southeast Asia. Online guidebooks are becoming more popular and a great way for travelers to check out sustainable travel options on the go. Plus, they save paper:) Check out our listing in Roughguides.

New Year, New Programs

Andaman Discoveries has been working hard over the past two years to seek out new community partners and also other community based tour operators based throughout this beautiful country. We believe that by creating partnerships with companies that share the same ethos on community based tourism, that the small niche of sustainable tourism will begin to become mainstream.  It also makes it easier to help guests traveling with a sustainable focus, to find programs that are suitable for their needs. […]

Sustainability in 2019

As we enter a new year, Andaman Discoveries is looking forward to continuing our goal of being transparent with our sustainable practices.  We completed our Travelife Audit and were awarded Travelife Certified. The process was extremely educational in looking at our company as a whole and how sustainability fits into our company’s core functions and how it will be monitored and evaluated to ensure continued success, implementation and growth. Areas that we really updated and worked on involved our human […]