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It was determined by general staff consensus and the CBI consultants that the website needed to accomplish the following:

  • Simplicity and Clarity
  • Only feature key items above the fold
  • SEO/SEM Optimization
    • Social media and web 2.0 friendly (including hosting its own blog)
    • Effective URL/Page Title naming
    • Rich keyword implementation in content
  • Raising Booking Conversions
    • Easy to identify products
    • Calls to action
    • Budget options
    • Easy booking
  • Sustainable Street Cred (Teknomadics category!)
    • Not whore out for sales – keep it grassroots-good-people status.
    • Tell the world why AD is so bad ass.

If you have more suggestions, please send me an email!

Added per suggestions:

  •  Photographers section

Updated Screenshots of New Web site:


Sample Village Pge







After Launch:

  • Implement online media campaign