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Updates from the Andaman Coast!

Volunteer Impact

Ready to learn

Over the last six months Andaman Discoveries has seen a total of 13 volunteers at our 6 projects. Volunteer project coordinators continue to show their enthusiasm to host volunteers as the schools do not have the financial means to hire a western speaking teacher. They often times comment that the student’s English comprehension is extremely low, especially with conservation and contextual understanding. This makes the students often times shy and they have low confidence when trying to speak English. Volunteers […]

Your Impact

Local Guide

As a Guest of Andaman Discoveries, you are directly supporting projects of our North Andaman Network Foundation. Fifty percent of Andaman Discoveries profits are given back to the NAN foundation and also donations that rebuilt into the program pricing. These projects make a difference in the lives of our local community projects and community members because they are things that are valued by these people as a way to have better lives. Take a look at how you have helped […]

AD Staff Community Involvement Spotlight: Get Out and Give Back!

water lily

We are all familiar with sitting in the office and getting things done, but we strive to get out and check in with our community friends. Pi Nat and Pi Tui attended Da Luang’s annual Waterlilly conservation day in Kuraburi.  Da Luang is a an older Kuraburi Local who has set up a natural nursery and conservation area for the endangered Water Lilly that was wiped out due to river bed dredging. His passion and devotion to the project allows […]

Guest Testimonials

Hanjo and Moken guide Ya Yoi

Ban Talae Nok Homestay Program We immediately felt incredibly welcomed into the community and enjoyed the food both at lunch and dinner. The beach dinner really was spectacular! The sun was setting as we ate, it felt like a dream come true. The soap making was so interesting and it was lovely to engage with some women of the community, we stayed and talked with them for quite a long time and learned a lot about their culture. We moved […]

Homestay Program Spotlight: Tung Dap Village

Your homestay accommodation

It is only fitting to recognize Tung Dap Village Homestay program on Koh Phrathong Island as an outstanding and unforgettable experience. Awarded the winner of the 2016 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations, this village offers not only a cultural eco- experience but also a journey of sustainability, allowing guests to truly see the value in low impact travel! The village is showing extreme enthusiasm and confidence after winning the award. More villagers are showing interest in joining the homestay group and […]

NAN Foundation Spotlight: Education for Success

We love school

Burmese Learning Center Doors Will Stay Open, Thanks To Your Kind Donations It was because of everyone’s generous spirit and determination to give these children a chance at a better future that the doors are open for another year, allowing us the time to search out long term donors and sponsorship. The Burmese learning Center offers an integral social service to the local Burmese community. So trust us when we say, your donations are going to a well-rounded center that […]

Village Guide Spotlight: Nin from the Moken Tourism Team

Interactive Interpretive Trail

We would like everyone to meet Nin, a knowledgeable and talented Moken guide, who has grown in confidence and capacity since the Moken Tourism Group was formed in 2012. He is one of the original Moken guides and also took part in the pilot program project that was responsible for creating the Moken tourism team that initiated cultural activities and program development for guests to participate in with our help. He is the younger brother of Juree, who is the […]

Thailand Green Excellence Award

travel awards 2011

Community Based Tourism Category Andaman Discoveries has been awarded the winner of the 2016 Thailand Green Excellence award in the Community Based Tourism Category.  We have now won this award in three categories, previously winning in the Volunteer and Tour operator category, proving that our organization is a well rounded and sustainable tourism operator. The criteria focused specifically on the community based tourism programs that we offer. They make sure that the tourism experience is being managed by the local […]